Facebook Theme v1.3

Release Notes

Thanks to @imoni for his many contributions and willingness to have them incorporated into the original version.

Following changes:

  • Incorporates many of imoni's changes 
  • Adds support for tidypics 
  • Updates manifest (might help with messageboard problem?)
  • Updates topbar (now floats, single color, etc.)
  • Fixes header login problem in 1.8.1 (may no longer work in 1.8.0)
  • Adds icons to several menu items

Just as an update, I haven't been able to fix the messageboard problem, but I also think it may be a server config issue/messageboard issue. I haven't personally been able to reproduce it, for instance, so I'm not sure the fault lies with this theme.

  • I´ve saw a problem while using CHAT (freichat).  The chat windows promote a problem in the 'nav' (withing that orange bar showed before )


  • Iam getting empty spaces at right an left sideof the profile,any idea why it does not looks like snapshots...

  • imagehello
    I do not know if you already answered this question, I apologize if you already, but it is:
    how to resolve the issue at the top of this error:?



  •  you are using custom index plugin,

    go to


    in there add these lines:





  • i installed this theme and i like it very much.
    however, when im not yet logged in, the register and login hyperlinks are too high and float over the input fields. where do i change the positioning of these links. i assume its in a css file somewhere.
    thanks for any help.

  • @R.Cerceau

    I did this:

    @eggie   I´ve could reproduce your problem using IE8.

        The label for "Register" and "New Password" in the upper right corner on the login page (pic here) is overlapping with the password white box.

    Just copy the archive 'login.php' from




    Then just add a '<BR>' to code:

        if (elgg_get_config('allow_registration')) {

        echo '<BR><li><a class="registration_link" href="' . elgg_get_site_url() . 'register">' . elgg_echo('register') . '</a></li>';

    <!-- end of generic_comment_details -->


    but it didnt work.
    Did you mean to then delete the core one?
    Cos when i added the break in the core one it worked...

  • where will i find the css to change the hover over menu links colour from blue to something else?

  • Cordial saludo…actualice a la versión 1.8.3 tengo montado el pluging de Facebook Theme
        Pero tengo los siguientes problemas…el icono de elgg que aparece cargando las actualizaciones en el centro del sitio, no para de funcionar o de detener su animacion….
        La columna del lado derecho, se oculta avece, al abrir algún link..deseo que permanesca visble siempre..
        Los plugin o modulos  hypeAlive 1.8.2 , me desactiva el ingreso a los menús del aldo derecho del panel del administrador.
        Entre otras….
        hypeSpamFighter no logro cambiar el idioma…ya revise las carpetas y nada.
        Entre otros conflictos…
    Agradesco sus comentarios.

    Regards ... update to version 1.8.3 I have installed the plugin Facebook Theme
    But I have the following problems ... elgg icon loading updates appears in the center of the site not to operate or stop the animation ....
    The column on the right side will hide sometimes, when you open a link .. always wish that you remain visble ..
    The hypeAlive 1.8.2 plugin or modules, I turned off the entrance to the right menu panel aldo administrator.
    Other ....
    hypeSpamFighter failed to change the language ... and check the folders and nothing.
    Among other conflicts ...
    Agradesco comments.

  • hi all,

    i want to know how can i add widgets to the right side of the empty space in sidebar-alt section?...

    i tried till no luck, any one there have found solution and tried the same ? pls let me know, appreciate your response.

  • Hi All,

    there are hundreds of widgets here in elgg, i want to know how can i add one of these basic widgets in to right side of the empty space,?

  • I think you can add a 'sidebar_alt' to the $content in dashboard.php, so it can become like this:

    $content = elgg_view_layout('two_sidebar', array(

    'title' => $title,

    'content' => $composer . $activity,



    $sidebar is a view..

    I don't recomment updating to Elgg 1.8.3 for the users of this plugin..

    The composer does not work, it's fixed on the ajax loading icon..

  • Anyone know solve this problem in 18.3

    "The composer does not work, it's fixed on the ajax loading icon.."

  • getting error with this on 1.8.3

    Deprecated in 1.8: getIcon() deprecated by getIconURL() Called from [#8] /mod/facebook_theme/start.php:304

    Deprecated in 1.8: getIcon() deprecated by getIconURL() Called from [#8] /mod/facebook_theme/start.php:304

  • ok what I meant was this is what is displaying at the top of the screen when I activate this theme...will it go of its own accord..ie has it resolved those issues and it is just informing me?

    Sorry if I sound a bit unsure..pretty new to Elgg.

  • do you know if the elgg and facebook theme is installed in root directory its size every thing gets smaller and shrinked to different browser settings, where as if elgg is installed in sub directories other than root its looks as good as evan facebook theme pics shown here.

    do you know why such odd behaviour ?

  • does any one know if the elgg and facebook theme is installed in root directory its size every thing gets smaller and shrinked to different browser settings, where as if elgg is installed in sub directories other than root its looks as good as evan facebook theme pics .

    does any one know why such odd behaviour ?

  • hi this theme functionalities  is not working with latest version 8.3, composer seems to be broken, aja spinner keeps revolving... do any one had found fix for composer issue on latest version ?

  • @worldopensources I found the solution for the composer problem..

    To fix it, just paste the following lines in the file "start.php" inside "function facebook_theme_init()"






  • The topbar on the main page (i.e. when you're not logged in) also seems to be broken in my 1.8.3 install. Oh, and can we have an option wherein you can use an image instead of text for the site title?

  • does any have this Message board issues on 1.8.3, issue to reproduce if you comment on friends wall, it will gon for odd looks, issue is on 1.8.3 on wall message posting whenever some thing posted on others wall it will goes for odd looks,  does any one found the fix for this issues

    @ Ahmed, did you able to resolve this issue as well on wall to wall messgaing on others walls., thanks.


  • hey guys i want to display a few widgets in the side bar under the link to the wall, info, and other plugins, i waqnt to display 3 widgets, latest photos, files, and friends, i think this will give it more of a facebook feel especial with a few profile owner friends in the left sidebar just like on a facebook profile any ideas or help would be awesome

  • this is basicly my idea, i made an example image with some graphic design

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