Facebook Theme v1.2

Release Notes

  • Several hard-coded strings have been externalized for translatability
  • Fixed the duplicate create button bug
  • Group wall now displays the group profile buttons for easy join/leave/edit/invite functionality
  • Hi Antonio :)

    Thanks for answer, yes i found the file to edit but i don't know what to add to have this kind of feature in.

    for the moment i put this in:


    $sidebar = elgg_extract('sidebar_alt', $vars, '');

    echo $sidebar;

    and i have this in facebook_theme / views / default / page / layout / two_sidebar.php


    $class = 'elgg-layout elgg-layout-two-sidebar clearfix';
    if (isset($vars['class'])) {
    $class = "$class {$vars['class']}";

    <div class="<?php echo $class; ?>">
    <div class="elgg-sidebar">
    <?php echo elgg_view('page/elements/sidebar', $vars); ?>
    <div class="elgg-body">
    <div class="elgg-head">
    <?php echo elgg_view('page/elements/title', $vars); ?>
    // allow page handlers to override the default header
    <div class="elgg-sidebar-alt">
    <?php echo elgg_view('page/elements/sidebar_alt', $vars); ?>
    <div class="elgg-body elgg-main">
    // @todo deprecated so remove in Elgg 2.0
    if (isset($vars['area1'])) {
    echo $vars['area1'];
    if (isset($vars['content'])) {
    echo $vars['content'];

    but the button "Add Widget" do not appear anywhere :( perhaps i made something wrong. I do not know well elgg for the moment i start to work with since only fews days.


    if someone could help it would be wonderfull :)

  • Why wouldn't u have this theme for 1.7? Seems kind of stupid seeing in how 1.8 is still under development and not all plugins are ready for 1.8! Just seems dumb! If I was u I would make a version of this on 1.7, its clearly apparent that people want it, or does one of your previous releases support 1.7? If your not willing to take the time just say so and ill please the people and remake this for 1.7

  • Jpardee if everyone start thinking that elgg 1.8 is under development and all plugins are are available for 1.8. and keep developing plugins for 1.7 so how 1.8 will get developed?

    and i guess most plugins are now available for 1.8

  • @Jpardee - this theme demonstrates what's possible with Elgg 1.8. As such, I'm confident saying that Evan is not going to port it back to 1.7.

  • I'm not saying to stop any production on 1.8, its just a smart idea since 1.8 has only been out a couple months to make it for both, let the user decide what version that want rather then get them to upgrade and then be frustrated cause their network isn't what it use to be, 1.7 is still highly used! Its not like I asked for it to be back ported to 1.6 that no one is using anymore, or at least they shouldn't be

  • But its ok, I know 1.7 can have a theme like this, ill just make it myself and make everyone happy, BTW evan, mad props on making this! In all reality we owe u a lot of respect for having the balls to make this cause I'm sure facebook wouldn't be to happy, but mark zuckerburg can't corner everything! He tried to sue teachbook.com for simple having book in their domain, the judge asked him if he owned the rights to the word book, naturally he doesn't so the judge basically told him to stop complaining lol :) he already has 50 billion, how much more money does he need!

  • @jpardee maybe this will help you on your journey to make a FB 1.7 clone.

    Elggbook Theme Improved



  • I think you are looking for the option that appears on the profile page.

    In this template, this page is deactivated and replaced by another where that function does not exist.

    The objective is to demonstrate the fexibilidad the Elgg 1.8 imitating the structure of FB, but FB does not have that feature Add Widgets.

    Widgets can only be added manually.

    What you want to add widgets?

  • Hi Antonio :) Thanks for anser.

    ya i read somehere that is a way to add widget manually in sidebar, but in this ay the users could not chose the one they would have on their own profile page. i think i'll have to go further in the code to check where this function is and how to include it in the facebook theme then. Personnaly i think it's an important missing feature of this theme. The best would be to have it on user's profile and dashboard page.

    Do you know witch page desactivated it is? And by witch one it is replaced ? it would help me to go hahaed on what i would do, and smae me some time.

    i'll check the API and doc of Elgg 1.8 to deep in. I realise that for the moment my questions are very basics and from a newbie on Elgg.

    To answer to the fact to build on 1.7, i do not agree personnaly. i'm using open source since a long time and i think it's an error to stay on old release. It's a little beat more difficult but safer in long time. And i agree with Imoni, think to the future don't stay in the past. Don't b afraid to start with 1.8, and upgrade (if your plugins let it you do to it), it's not windows :)

  • Great plugin thanks for developing it. I have one problem, when ever I go to a friends page and try to post a comment, I type and click publish then I loose the GUI. What I get is illustrated in the fig I am here attaching:image image

  • on previous post "Great plugin thanks for developing it. I have one problem, when ever I go to a friends page and try to post a comment, I type and click publish then I loose the GUI." I could not include the url nor could I insert the image; here it is :

    alexandergarcia  dot   name / borrar.tiff

    I am loosing the GUI everytime I click on publish

  • i am using the Fb theme and eveytime i comment on a post it double post the same thing ? can anyone help me fix this issure  i am using version 1.8   and one more thing  i can not add any addons either  like chatbox ,pictures, thanks in advdanve for help


  • Hi Evan,


    I can't post "message" in messageboard on my friend page ?

    is the only thing i do not work well

    thanks for the help I can provide.


  • messageboard bug:

    am not sure how to correct it but i found that on other's profile it shows "thewire form field" of the logged in person.

    so to correct it we need to apply a check "if not owner of profile" then "show message field"


    Now can anyone help?????????????????

  • Hi all,

    i am having a problem with avatar crop tool not working in any of the browsers using facebook theme with elgg 1.8.1b. I opened a ticket but i was asked to contact the theme owner for that purpose. can anyone help.

  • Nice !

    I want to know if elgg it's free.I want to create a social network for me and my friends using elgg.It's free and legal ? Please tell me.I do not want to do something illegal.:)

  • yes elgg is free and is licensed so feel free to do anything...... but if u want to use this theme be patent I am working on it hope i will release a better version today. am working on it

  • Thanks a lot. So can I install it on my website and do a social network for me and my friends. Thanks !!!!

  • We are working temporarily in lyout www.shyfti.com of our social network using Facebooktheme.

    We are finding that the river is a bit poor, User content in the sidebar, can someone pleasetell me the codes for avatar display in riverdashboard facebook theme? and the path whereI should enter these codes?


    Thank you all.

  • Hi all,

    i am having a problem with avatar crop tool not working in any of the browsers using facebook theme with elgg 1.8.1b. I opened a ticket but i was asked to contact the theme owner for that purpose. can anyone help.

  • Hi Malik, can you confirm this problem only exists in the theme so not in your core install; e.g. when you disable the facebook theme?

  • http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/818419/developer/mnrtrq/facebook-theme-for-elgg-18


    picture crop bug not corrected in my release yet, but many other bugs are fixed. you can download

  • yes i opened a ticket as well and they also said that it has been fixed and the problem exists with the theme.

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