Facebook Theme v1.2

Release Notes

  • Several hard-coded strings have been externalized for translatability
  • Fixed the duplicate create button bug
  • Group wall now displays the group profile buttons for easy join/leave/edit/invite functionality
  • How do we add a SideBar in this template please?

  • How would you show the registration form on the front page instead of the user login form? Seems like that would make more sense to me. I've tried looking at the code and I can see this is some default thing in Elgg. Can't seem to figure out how to overide it.

  • Hi @rbruhn we can add register form on front page. I have added it on my site and I don't know whether it is right way or not.  Look my site http://jaiup.ektasoftwares.com/

    Please follow these steps-

    1. Go to views\default\core\account\  create register_box.php code is following



     * Elgg register box


     * @package Elgg

     * @subpackage Core


    $title = elgg_echo('register');

    $body = elgg_view_form('register', array('action' => "{$login_url}action/register"));

    echo elgg_view_module('aside', $title, $body);


    <script type="text/javascript">

    elgg.register_hook_handler('init', 'system', function() {




     2. Go to mod\custom_index\    edit index.php 

    Find near line no 50     $login = elgg_view("core/account/login_box");  below it add following line 

    $register = elgg_view("core/account/register_box");


    Find near line no 60     'login' => $login,     below it add following line 

    'register' => $register,

    3. Go to mod\custom_index\views\default\page\layouts\ edit custom_index.php

    Find near line no 23 $top_box = $vars['login']; and replace it with following

    $top_box = $vars['register'];


    That's it. Please let me know if it does not work!!


  • Hi Chetan,

    It looks nice.

    But as the core developers suggest, its better to have these changes done via a plugin instead of editing the core files.

  • All right! I just created my own plugin for the Facebook theme. It's still in progress, but I copied and renamed the custom index plugin folder to use it as a template. The Custom Index plugin page indicates to me it was created for that purpose, so I read the instructions it provides and from there modified appropriate files to change the look of the Facebook theme after the plugin is activated. As an afterthought it might have been better to copy the Facebook Theme folder, but I wasn't sure just where I was going with it when I started and it's looking good so far. This is fun!

  • Chetan Varshney If you visit My site the Facebook login pop up come out. I think thAt might be a problem? How can i make i to be like yours, making it stick..

    I also added Facebook Login Plugin and i register API codes and fixxed them but i still cant see them on my main page. Could you kindly explain to me what to do? Thank you so much

  • it says "This plugin has unmet dependencies and cannot be activated. Check dependencies under more info." 

    How to solve this? 


  • How about read the error message and do what it says?

  • LOLZ ;-)


    Perhaps - you're not too familiar with the Elgg PlugIn Admin Area.

    It should look like this :=

    FaceBook Theme blah blah..

    This plugin has unmet dependencies and cannot be activated.

    Check dependencies under more info.

    . . . .

    "More Info.." remember that..!
    Click on that to see the "unmet dependencies" ;-P
    You could not need any more guidance here `n now.
  • @Chetan Thanks.

    I didn't want to create a whole plugin so I went a different direction. Since the Facebook theme doesn't overide the index, I simply added an include in the facebook_theme_index_handler(). If someone is not logged in, then /facebook_theme/pages/index.php is included. From there I simply override the side bar.


    $content = elgg_view_title(elgg_echo('content:latest'));

    $content .= elgg_list_river();

    if (elgg_get_config('allow_registration')) {

    $title = elgg_echo('register');

    $registration_form = elgg_view_form('register', array(), array());

    $registration = '

      <div id="elgg-walledgarden-registration">





    $params = array(

    'content' => $content,

    'sidebar' => $registration


    $body = elgg_view_layout('one_sidebar', $params);

    echo elgg_view_page(null, $body);

  • very nice

    as to its legality, to help in your research, see:



    Facebook loses battle against German lookalike

    (AFP) – Jun 16, 2009 

    BERLIN (AFP) — US social networking website Facebook failed on Tuesday in its legal attempt in Germany to prove that lookalike competitor StudiVZ had copied its design.

  • I am having the same problem as Blubbr... :(

  • hello

    i need know.

    You can change the topic wall, which folder is.

  • Hello everyone.
    I am using the Facebook Theme I think an excellent job. Would like to knowhow I can add the logo of our network. We advance that no programming is not ensallo and error but I could make someadjustment to the theme to fit the spirit of what we want on the site. If Iexplained in a simple and practical way I think I can do in 8 hours but I will.

    Thank you.

    Traductur of google

  • Hello,

    Could someone help me so that plugins can see the Facebook themeTidypics and groups.

    Thanks in advance.

    Google Translator

  • hello, there is a bug when I want to post a message on the profile of my friends

  • I cant post on messageboard please help

  • Actually internet explorer 8 does not like display:inline-block; command.

    To show avatar in ie8. Just open \mod\facebook_theme\views\default\css\elements\icons.php

    On line 274 under Avatar icons: Just replace display:inline-block; with display:block;

    Now it will show up in ie.

  • HI, I am very new to elgg. I installed the facebook theme and have made some very minor changes to color and formatting.

    I have been studying the code for the calling of plugins and so far it hasn't sunk in.  I would like to program the tidypics plugin on a users profile page but I cannot figure out what to do.  My background is VB and SQL, but nothing like this, so it is a real challenge for me.

    To make changes I have been looking at live code examples, copying them, and seeing what happens.  So far I have not had success with tidypics in the theme.  Could you please supply some hints and direction for me?  Thanks very much.

  • amartin141:

    I am also somewhat new to elgg myself, but I've picked up a bit on what you can and can't do. Basically, plugins like tidypics can all be added to various menus in the Facebook theme by inserting the appropriate code in mod/facebook_theme/start.php. I added tidypics to the topbar dropdown menu and the dashboard on my site this way. You can add it to the profile page by finding the function facebook_theme_pagesetup_handler() and adding something like the following in the area where similar menu items are set:

      if (elgg_is_active_plugin('tidypics')) {
       elgg_register_menu_item('page', array(
        'section' => 'more',
        'name' => 'Tidypics',
        'text' => elgg_echo('Photos'),
        'href' => "pg/photos/owned/" . $_SESSION['user']->username,
        'contexts' => array('profile'),

    If you substitute array('profile') with array('dashboard'), it blends in perfectly on the dashboard page. On the profile it is separated from the other menu items a bit. Not sure exactly what change is need to make it blend well. Probably has to do with the 'section' => 'more'. Anyway, that should get you started. On another note, it's recommended that you create your own plugin of changes like this. I'm assuming primarily to keep from having your changes overwritten by updates to the plugins. From my experience it's really easy to effectively accomplish this. 1) Rename the plugin folder name, 2) modify the details in manifest.xml residing the plugin root folder.


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