Facebook Theme v1.1

Release Notes

Thanks to everyone who submitted patches and bug reports and made this release possible!

  • Upgraded to work with 1.8b2
  • Support for topbar dropdown menus
  • Upgraded buttons
  • Room for icons in owner block menus
  • Better file support
  • Ajaxified composer menu
  • How do I remove this on Elgg 1.7?


  • With this only work with 1.8b2? Error using 1.8b1

    Requires Elgg version >= 2011061200 2011032200 error
  • @Oneatoll, simply delete it from your mod directory

    @Gilead, yes -- there were a few breaking changes b/w 1.8b1 and 1.8b2

  • Uploaded 1.8b2 and upgraded. Looks better this time around! Thanks so much!

    I can't quite figure out how the wall works. Seems to want to bookmark something. Did I miss something?

    Of course I've reconfigured b1 so many times, maybe I should just delete and start over.

  • Bugs:

    1. You can not edit a group.

    2. You can not even join the group.

    3. After adding a group, are redirected to the screen 4. edit group and the url is not correct.

    5. In displays bookmarks and other ... out duplicate the button "New XXX".

    Otherwise an excellent plugin.

  • Hey,

    Thanks for all these bug reports! Would you be able to post each of them as separate tickets to https://github.com/ewinslow/elgg-facebook_theme/issues? I'd greatly appreciate that!

  • Thanks for this amazing theme.  I´ve made the translation to Brazilian Portuguese and cause of it I could find some parts of the code that, i think, could be improve.  Tests made to version 1.0

       1) Dashboard label
                  archive:: \mod\facebook_theme\pages\dashboard.php
       2) Routine to write the language archive
                  archive: \facebook_theme-1.0\facebook_theme\languages\en.php
                    (the original format should be like inside de directory  \mod\blog\  )
        3) Menu label
                  archive:: \mod\facebook_theme\start.php
        4) Error mensage related with 'user'
                  archive:: \mod\facebook_theme\pages\profile\wall.php
        5) Error mensage related with 'group'
                  archive:: \mod\facebook_theme\pages\profile\wall.php

    I´ll post it on the link mencioned above.

  • Thanks @RCerceau and @mago1086! Bug reports are quite helpful!

  • Hi,

    Really liking the layout you created. I understand this is just a demonstration you created, but I'd really like to implement it when 1.8 is released. I have a couple questions if you can answer them.

    Home and Dashboard in the top menu go to the same place. I assume this is due to not allowing users to set up dashboard widgets? If so, is it because you simply add everything to the river (News Feed) programmatically? What if some other widget is desired to be added? Have to go into the code?

    Also, when this theme is enabled the pages load really slow. I'm testing this on my local machine. When the theme is disabled, Elgg runs fine. I've added your minfy plugin, have the cache turned on, etc. Any idea why it might be running slow when the theme is enabled?

    I'm just learning Elgg and looking at theming. I was thinking of building off yours in terms of layout, but keeping various sections of Elgg available. For example, keeping the News Feed but adding the Activity tabs (all, mine, friends, following) along with the drop down filter.

    There are benefits to the facebook layout, people being familiar with it, but some functionality available in Elgg that would be nice to keep.

    Anyway, nice job :-)



  • Hello Winslow

    I´ve send more information at 'github.com'.

        #64  Change 'Leave a comment' to make the label translatable
        #63  Change in XHTML code
        #62   Change 'Share' to make the label translatable

    And comments:

        #29  Site name overlaps topbar menu items if too long
        #14  Login page needs work



  • hi its working fine for me 1.8b2 i can add groups im testing it deeply i will post some bugs

  • hey can you help me editing some css , im a little new on this i want to add a logo like the facebook on the top left , not the regular sitename what i add on the admin page...thnx for all

  • I´ve send more information at 'github.com'.

    At this moment including some support to issues made by others. 

    My suggestions were written there.


  • Have been trying to insert an image for the logo in the top center and also to center the login but after most of the day no luck.

    For the image have tried in the css with a site title and ok but image as background and don't what to have any text i.e. site title over the top

    Any pointers do you need to add a reference to the header.php file:

    echo "<h1 id=\"facebook-header-logo\">";
    echo elgg_view('output/url', array(
        'href' => '/',
        'text' => $site->name,
    Insert img src?

    echo "</h1>";

  • So should have look at footer.php 5+ hours ago - success

    after 'text' => "<img src=\"<image url>\" alt=\"This is my site image\" width=\"972\" height=\"85\" />",

    Thought I'd share in case anybody else wanted to know that wasn't a coder

  • how to add photo/video button with blog and bookmark on status window


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