Bucket List v0.5.5

Release Notes

Fixed weird river outputs. (Learnt why %s is important). River outputs now use the standard format showing the user's name as a link at the beginning instead of "I".

Still to do:

  • Popular bucketlist items
  • Delete controls to stop users deleting an item that they created and then it being deleted from all other users' lists (This is what I forgot)
  • Sorry that comments keep disappearing due to quick updates. Getting really close to v1.0 which will be the final one.

  • Hey, Trajan, what would it take to have a link in a member's profile to their bucket list? Hats off and xiexie!

  • @Paulo - There should already be a link based on the standard elgg icon menu. Is that not appearing for you?

    In regard to a link "on the profile" where exactly did you have in mind. (I use the ePortfolio plugin and as such don't have widgets on my profiles).

  • Ugh, I had completely missed the widget. That is nice.  There is a link in the Tools dropdown list which I'm not using with my current template. I was thinking of a link under the profile pic where Edit Profile, Friends, ... are. But with the widget, I guess it's redundant.

    What I like about this plugin is that it offers my users something a little more intellectual and goal oriented, while being fun and a bit narcissistic at the same time. Can't wait to take it live.

  • As far as I can recollect there is no widget for this plugin at the moment. Regarding the link under the profile image on profile page it should already be there (is on my install). Not sure why it isn't appearing for you.

  • Trajan, definitely have a widget on the profile page (which looks great by the way) of my localhost site, but no link under the icon. There is no embed here to load a screenshot.

  • How strange. Ok well I never wrote code for a widget so if it's there, it's there by chance. (Lucky). As to the menu issue. Check if there is the following file:


    If yes then that is where the coding for the menu is located. If not then perhaps I didn't add it into the plugin I uploaded here. Let me know if it's there mate. 


  • To make sure, we're communicating, I'm talking about a link under the icon on the standard elgg profile page. I have edit icon, friends, friends of listed there. It is in the tools drop down menu (which I'm not using on my live site).

    The file is there and looks like this inside:

    <p class="user_menu_blog">
            <a href="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>pg/bucketlist/<?php echo $vars['entity']->username; ?>"><?php echo elgg_echo("bucket_list:menu:link"); ?></a>   

    Is that blog correct in the class? Should that be bucket_list?

    If you go to your profile page, then click edit page button, you might see what I found, a widget called My Bucket List.

    Trajan, you're the man, so don't sweat it. Regardless, neither the profile link or widget are needed in my set up because I have added a link at the top of my pages for logged-in users. Can't say what others see or are doing.


  • @paulo: just reread your post and realised the issue. You're looking at your own listing. Look at another user's menu list and you will see the link.

    Still not found out why the TinyMCE doesn't appear.

  • I want to put the bucket list on my banner. So when you click on the name on the banner, It takes you to the bucket list page. Is this possible?

  • @Kenny - this is certainly possible, but it's custom work for your site and not necessarily for the bucketlist plugin itself. I'm sure you can code it.


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