Fulltext search (for 1.6.1) v2.2

Release Notes

  • many small changes & bug corrections
  • added normal (tag) results
  • added local/multisite search config parameter
  • added search form
  • added search page handler
  • included menu generation, with subtypes counter
  • This plugin works well, but I have some problems because I didn't really understand which lines I had to copy into the index.php of the search folder. Now I have two search pages in one, that's quite strange...

  • The easiest way is probably the second one (as described in manifest.xml) :

    • edit {document_root}/search/index.php
    • insert right after "require_once..." line (at the very start of the file) : if (is_plugin_enabled('customsearch')) { trigger_plugin_hook('search','','',""); exit; }

    ..this will exit if plugin is activated, but won't cause any problem and will revert to the usual behaviour if you disable the plugin.

    BTW, as a hooks is triggered, it adds content but still keeps executing the further code ; as this plugin replaces the normal search page, that's why you got 2 pages (normal results + customsearch ones), each in its own layout  :)

  • I had already inserted this line, as it was said, but I still got the same problem with the two pages in one.

  • Forget what I just said, I activated the plugin again and it worked well ! It certainly came from some modifications I had done with other plugins or something. Anyway, thanks !

    Now, can you figure out how to disable some submenu items ? I have a really long list with unimportant or weird stuff (item:object:blog, messages..) and some appear twice.

  • @Clement : i guess the activated object selection isn't very well implemented - i can't remember if further version correct it or not, but i think search objects can be set using admin settings in this version ?

    if not, let me know : i'll publish a more recent version (i don't publish all subversions, as many plugins evolve on a very regular basis and publishing them all would take too much time).

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