Tabtext: 3-tab free-text widget v0.2

Release Notes

Now incorporates xtabs internally so it is not needed as an extra plugin to be installed. 

Can now add multiple correctly functioning 3-tab text boxes on custom_index_widgets, profile and dashboard.

  • nice looking plugin. Very convenient for quick development of the custom_index. *Recommended.

  • Will this work with 1.7.1?  Any special instructions for adding this?

  • @Clyde K:

    I've tested this with 1.7.4 -1.7.8 but nothing earlier. As far as I know, there is nothing in it that should cause problems for 1.7.1 (the plugins on which it is based are fairly generic 1.x code) but I would be interested to hear of any issues. 

    It should come after custom index widgets if you want to make use of that, but otherwise I don't think there are any dependencies.

  • I added and enabled this (after custom index widgets) but can't find the three tab widget anywhere. 

    Am I missing something?  Any suggestions?  

  • @Clyde K -

    For custom index widgets, under the 'index widgetisation' menu item you *should* see a '3-tab text box' widget, probably at the bottom of the list of draggable widgets. You *should* see the same for dashboard and profile widgets. If not, I'm not sure what might be wrong as it's a very simple widget! Does it appear for dashboard and profile but not for custom index widgets, or is it invisible in all contexts?
    Do check that you have the latest version (the first version needed xtabs as a separate plugin) but the fact you are commenting here probably means that's what you've got.

Jon Dron

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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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