[Elgg 1.7: Extended TinyMCE] v3.4.2

Release Notes

This plugin is intended to replace the core tinymce plugin.

Install instructions:

  1. Disable the tinymce plugin in the tools section,
  2. replace the tinymce folder in the mod directory with the tinymce folder included in this archive,
  3. Enable the tinymce plugin in the tools section again,
  4. Run http://your.domain/upgrade.php.


  • So far it works for me, but I've not tested it thoroughly yet!
  • Feedback wanted. Does it work for you? Does it work for you using IE9?
  • It should be noted that this plugin - if used over any installation using the TinyMCE Extended plugin (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/384555/developer/Phil/tinymce-extended) - will completely replace the plugin and remove most of the extended functionality.  Essentially you'll end up with the same editor you can see at the top of the comment forms on this website.

    The bizarre thing is this plugin seems to contain all the plugins used by the Extended plugin, they just don't seem to be accessible from the front-end... :-/

  • @LJager: As I have stated, this plugin is intended to replace the core tinymce plugin. Of course, you can't have two different tinymce plugins at once. It should be stated on the tinymce-extended plugin page that users need to disable other tinymce plugins if they want to replace it with something else.

    The available features of the tinymce editor depend on the config made in


    The tinymce editor is based on a lot of plugins itself. You can enable them if needed, configure the available buttons, the layout, etc.

    I've kept the default config of the Elgg core tinymce plugin for the uploaded version here.

    Bad news regarding IE9: it still doesn't work!!! While it does work when turning on compatibility view in IE9 (without any CSS3 capabilities), it still is not possible to activate any buttons or even post any plain comment with IE9 in default mode.

    At least it seems that with version 3.4.2 copy+paste from MS Office no longer includes the annoying header characters...

  • It broke the function to attach Image URL after that I reinstall old version but this error is not gone.

  • @ghumanz: have you executed upgrade.php after deinstallation to clear the cache? BTW, had you executed it after installing this plugin?

  • @kxx4: tiny mice are the little brothers of Mighty mouse. ;)

    TinyMCE is the editor used in Elgg though.

  • "@kxx4: tiny mice are the little brothers of Mighty mouse. ;)"  lol  :)


  • Just upgraded and all went smoothly as per your instructions.

    Thank you!

  • lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......Now i know..TAnx 2u all

  • @iionly - what I meant is that both plugins use the same folder name "tinymce".  Therefore each would completely replace the other whether or not one is disabled before the other installed.  In fact you could easily switch them around without disabling/re-enabling the plugin, by simply replacing the folder.  This could be rectified by one of the plugins having a unique name, however I suspect it would take extra work to re-configure Elgg to find the editor files (assuming it automatically looks for "tinymce" in the mods folder).

    Anyway, I wasn't complaining about it, I just felt others should be fore-warned in case, like me, they failed to check before installing this upgraded version (a mistake I rarely make, but when I do - I really do! X-D )...  Thanks for the tip though about - about the file tinymce/views/default/input/longtext.php - much appreciated.  I'll give it a look over and see what I can do with it.  :-)

  • @LJager: sorry. I didn't know that the other plugin also goes with the same folder name. Actually, it's possible to re-write this or any other 3rd party tinymce plugin to have another folder name. As I intended to only upgrade the core tinymce plugin with the latest release of the tinymce editor I didn't think this would be necessary. The new release of my tinymce plugin extends the available options of the editor slightly. As I mentioned before you can also configure the editor via longtext.php, so you might be able to merge the features of this plugin and the other tinymce plugin.

    It seems I also need to fix two issues in my latest release: first the font size is smaller than before. I need to look if I can fix this via css.php of tinymce. The second issue is a editor box resizing problem on some pages (for example in Tidypics when editing image details directly after upload). It seems the second issue was introduced by removing the "Add/Remove editor" option. The problem is that with this link included it resulted in the IE9 issue...


  • Category: Tools
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-5-15
  • Downloads: 8552
  • Recommendations: 13

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