Content Debugger v1.0.0

Release Notes

1.0.0. Initial release, fixed wrong folder name for the zip package.

  • I find myself in need of tracking down a view specifically when not logged in.

    Can a not-logged-in hidden toggle be added as a feature request for the future?

  • @Matt ;-) Wait for my "RxView PlugIn "thngy that will woiky @ 1.7.x ++ 1.8b1 ;-P just need spare time..

  • @Matt sure, I don't see why not. Meanwhile just remove the "if (isadminloggedin()) {" condition from start.php, line 23, and you should be ok (I think ;)

  • I am running and I can't find any button to use it.  Any ideas?

  • @Frank Barcellona: this plugin is intended to run on Elgg 1.7 and not on Elgg 1.8. However, as I wrote in an earlier comment, you can do this:

    "...if you don't see the "Developer" menu for some reason in your topbar, you can always hit this page:

    to turn the Content Debugger feature on and off."

  • hey andras, all your plugins have excellently chosen purposes. thanks for sharing.. my site is running 1.8.8. now; do you have any idea when/if you will release compatibility updates for 1.8?


  • @ura soul Unfortunately I had to focus my development efforts on other platforms and projects. I could not give you an estimate for upgrading my plugins right now. However, all the sources are GPL and all my plugins are available on Github, so you can just grab the source, upgrade the plugin, or even be the new maintainer.

  • 'maintainer' ? lolz !! that's a real nifty title to aspire for.. ;-)

  • @Andras: por favor -- which script file in the plugin has got the 'key logic' that identifies the views/hierachies ? i'm having a tough initial code review moment here. the reason is most likely that i am biased by the techniques i used in my similar func w/ RxViews and so my synapses are doing a spaghetti bolognaise inside my cranuim. gimme a 1/2 hint ;-P

  • ok thanks for responding andras, i don't have space presently for updating this either.
    D's 'must keep coding' brain programs seem to be actively engaging the issue anyhow. ;p 

  • @Dhrup The plugin works by registering to the "display", "view" hook and by post-processing all views individually. The hook implementation is in lib/lib.content_debugger.php, function content_debugger_view_hook(). This wraps all view outputs in specific markers inside comments. The markers will be picked up by javascript and it display the view informations upon hovering over areas.

  • ThX: buddy... u r a gem ! @personally & @coding hehh ! i *will read thru that lib code area and do some compares with my rXViews,, see how the code implementations are different and so on.. of course !! you have a q. a few usability features that i tootally missed out !;-P.. sooo.. never too old (@59!)to lern.. *and while i am here - might as well axe - might it be worth the effort & time doing a GUI for (user) defining the Data Structures for 'Roles' ? d'ya think ppl might actually *use that feature ? and maybe even come back to say 'thx.' ;) i'm looking at the DL Cntr Vs total Elgg DL and see that (apparently) via the Counters - 'roles', 'permissions' - dont seem all that important for elgg-based site after all !;-P


  • @Dhrup Hi, is there a possibiltiy of you to share a working version of this with elgg 1.8  ? Thanks.

  • nope! ;-P
    i spent too much time in trying to figure a clean structure for that other plugin, got  tired of reading code, reading code.. and so i switched my efforts to a new rolez/perms plugin which will not need any fooling around for users having to 'write code' to make something new work properly, but require simple 'point and click' and a some descriptions typing. and of course everyone else tells me to do it the proper elgg way and not change the elgg core, but this other approach *will need some core changes so that roles/perms can be achieved much easier and with far less code. you all need to wait. (the 'proper way' github pull, push, wait for core team to have time...? too much work and not enough time of anybody. i prefer - when there's code to be done.. then not talk, but code it. 

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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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