Release Notes

*now it is possible to add gif images to flirt actions

*changed the flirt action from passive to active(ex:"user2 has been kissed by user1" will now change to "user1 has kissed user2")

*added preuploaded flirts images(of course you can still change those images to whatever you like)


This is a simple way to configure your flirts if you want to use the cute flirt images i have preuploaded:

1)go to your admin section and flirts settings

2)for "how many flirts do you want to make",chose 5

set show all flirts to "yes" and userpoints to "yes" and save

3)now click flirts section and set the differents flirt types exactly as below:

flirt#1 kissed ; flirt#2 hugged ;flirt#3 poked;flirt#4 winked to;flirt#5 french kissed. set the userpoints for each flirt then click save.there is no need to add any images




I'm in love with elgg


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