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*flirt by request.

A kiss ,for example,should be mutual.The user your are kissing should accept your request before officially kissing you.I'm trying to work on the friend request plugin to see if it's possible to change it to a flirt request plugin.of course anyhelp is welcome.

  • Hi!

    You make my life happyer with your new plugins.

    I  want to ask if i can and how to upload .gif to work with this flirt plugin?

    Thanks Peggy

  • I'm glad you like the plugin Peggy .I'm working on a new version of flirt 1.0 and it will definetely include the gif upload option.rnow it's still impossible to do it.cheers.

  • to workout how to do .gif uploads download Slyhne's market plugin and look at the way he did it. Very easy to do.

  • Something i really looking forward to is that you can see all Images in the same Cathegory, so for example All the "Flirt icons" will appear in the same tab so when you pick the "Flirt icon" All the Flirt icons will be shown and so on,

    Its not available right now, Is it?

  • This would have been better if it had included some pre-defined "flirt" actions, with images.  But definitely has potential though... :-)

  • Oooo, just realised there's no "points" function indicated in the settings/flirts admin I need to do anything other than enabling it for this to work?

  • @ Oscar

    Great Plugin this is perfect!  i found a fix for

    "for the language to macth perfectly,use past tense.for ex:for "kissing" use "kissed",for "hugging" use "hugged"...."

    you can still name it kiss and in the language file just add a "ed" next to  "%".

    it would look like this.

    'flirts:object' => "%s has been %sed by %s",

    that way its called "kiss" but after you send it to someone it will say

    "user A has been kissed by user B"

    Again great work.

  • hey guys i've uploaded a new version that support gif images and added a few cutes preuploaded images.i also changed the flirt action from passive(user2 has been kissed by user1)to active(user1 has kissed user2).thanx for the positive feedback.

  • @ljager

    you need to have the "userpoints"plugin installed before setting up points for any flirt action


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