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First release

  • jQuery loading of more comments (no more page reloads)

    hay alguna manera de adaptarlo al riverdashboard ?

    is ehre any way of adapting to riverdashboard ?

  • @mariano not my intention but someone could copy the concept. As i recall it has been done before in some other plugins.

  • would be good to leave a comment with ajax when pressing the send button so you do notreload a video if the user is watching

  • @mariano yep, i will work on the add functionality later on. Also threaded comments are on the roadmap

  • chapeau^ ;-)
    you are not only a very good elgg-coder
    you also know, what people need . . . .
    thanks :-)


  • @all thanks for all the positive comments! Best way to reward me is to recommend this plugin :)

  • no veo la hora de q salga la poxma version

  • When I use firefox 4 and google chrome I get blank page when scrolling down to the bottom of the page and with autload setup to yes. In other browsers it seems to work ok. I am wondering if anyone else have similar problems with mentioned browsers?

  • good work - highly recommended!

    @Igor I can confirm this! FF4 and chrome make some trouble.

  • nono no e tenido problemas en ninguno de los navegadores mencionados el plugin anda perfecto yo uso elgg 1.7.6

  • @mariano could you please comment in English?

    I have no issues in Chrome (using Elgg 1.7.7), but not been able yet to test it in FF4;

    On what plugin (blog/files etc are you experiencing these issues? Or do they happen on all plugins/pages. Are you using any other comments enhancing plugin?

  • Very nice, is this going to slow down my page?

  • Had a little play with the styling of this a bit. If you wanna make the dropdowns less obtrusive you can replace the header.php contents with the following:



    $comments_order = $vars["comments_order"];

    $comments_limit = $vars["comments_limit"];

    $auto_load = $vars["auto_load"];



    <div class="contentWrapper" id="advanced_comments_header" style="float:right;">

    <form id="advanced_comments_form" method="post" action="<?php echo $vars["url"]; ?>pg/advanced_comments/load">


    echo "<div id='order_holder' class='adv_com_togs'>";

    echo elgg_echo("advanced_comments:header:order") . "<br>";

    echo "<div class='dropbox' id='order_drop' style='display:none;'>" . elgg_view("input/pulldown", array("internalname" => "comments_order", "options_values" => array("asc" => elgg_echo("advanced_comments:header:order:asc"), "desc" => elgg_echo("advanced_comments:header:order:desc")), "value" => $comments_order)) . "</div>";

    echo "</div>";

    echo "<div id='limit_holder' class='adv_com_togs'>";

    echo elgg_echo("advanced_comments:header:limit") . "<br>";

    echo "<div class='dropbox' id='limit_drop' style='display:none;'>" . elgg_view("input/pulldown", array("internalname" => "comments_limit", "options" => array(5,10,25,50,100), "value" => $comments_limit)) . "</div>";

    echo "</div>";

    echo "<div id='auto_holder' class='adv_com_togs'>";

    echo elgg_echo("advanced_comments:header:auto_load") . "<br>";

    echo "<div class='dropbox' id='auto_drop' style='display:none;'>" . elgg_view("input/pulldown", array("internalname" => "auto_load", "options_values" => array("no" => elgg_echo("option:no"), "yes" => elgg_echo("option:yes")), "value" => $auto_load)) . "</div>";

    echo "</div>";


    <input type="hidden" name="guid" value="<?php echo $vars["entity"]->getGUID();?>" />

    <input type="hidden" name="comments_offset" value="0" />

    <input type="hidden" name="save_settings" value="no" />





    $('#order_holder').mouseenter(function() {

    if ($('#order_drop').css('display','none')) {






    $('#order_holder').mouseleave(function() {




    $('#limit_holder').mouseenter(function() {

    if ($('#limit_drop').css('display','none')) {






    $('#limit_holder').mouseleave(function() {




    $('#auto_holder').mouseenter(function() {

    if ($('#auto_drop').css('display','none')) {






    $('#auto_holder').mouseleave(function() {




    You need to add the following to the css.php as well

    .adv_com_togs {


    padding: 2px 4px 2px 4px;

    border: 1px solid #A6A6A6;


    min-width: 55px;



    .dropbox {



    I'm sure this could be done a bit better but it works fine for me.

  • Is it possible to make the page autorefresh looking for nex comment every 10 secondes for exemple ? It would be perfect for my site...

  • might want to have a look this article

    AJAXifying Elgg

  • I'm really poor coder... I just figured out that it owuld be easy to add to this plugin "auto refresh" something like every 15 sec...

  • I'm trying to figure out by myself, I'm messing with load.php, but I'm not sure it's the way to go...

  • I have a question. How can you disable the delete option for blog owners on other members comments, since they can delete any comment for their blog entries? I think this is not wise to allow this option.

  • @charlie: this plugin has no control over that. Best thing to do is find the relevant group on here and post your question in there.

  • @Trajan: Thanks for the advice.

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