Seesmic Desktop for Elgg 1.7

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1.70.2 ()2011-Apr-08
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Elgg 1.7 only

Thanks to this plugin, you can now view activity items from your favorite Elgg network, and update your status message on the Wire directly from Seesmic Desktop.

- Works on Elgg 1.7 public or private networks- Can add multiple Elgg networks if desired- Allows for status updates (on the Wire) from Seesmic Desktop- Displays activity items in the stream : groups, friends, status messages, comments, etc.

ELGG install

First, install OAUTH plugin from :

Then, extract and copy "seesmic" plugin in your mod folder

Activate OAUTH first, then SEESMIC

Set your server clock at the correct time (OAUTH prerequisite)

Please verify in the seesmic plugin admin : "Application successfully registered. 

Users can now begin to use Seesmic Desktop 2", 

otherwise click "Register Seesmic Desktop 2 plugin" from admin menu

If you are using SiteAccess plugin with the walledgarden activated, you must add  services/api/rest/ in the authorized pages list.

Seesmic Install

Download and install Elgg plugin at the marketplace :

In Seesmic, fill the form with your credentials and your elgg platform URL.


Human Connect

Human Connect : share, cooperate, innovate. Corporate social networks for european market


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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