Math Captcha v1.2

Release Notes

Updated the code to follow the coding standards

  • I installed it in the mod directory (running 1.7.7) and I activated it, then the site went blank. I had to remove the matchcapthcha directory. Maybe I have to deactivate the other captcha mod, or change the order?


  • You need to deactivate the other captcha before activating mathcaptcha.

  • Thanx for your swift supply! So I deactivated the other captcha plugin and installed it again. Again blank. I deleted the mathcaptcha directory and again I copied it to the directory mod. Now I wanted it to move it to the top of the plugin list. Again, the site went blank.

    Maybe this helps. I really want your plugin to work, because spam is killing my site!



  • Please download the new release that I have just uploaded. This must solve your problem.

  • nope ;-) i just checked this latest zipfile n 1.7.7 must be some php syntax error in code....

  • i tested it 2x with no other plugins enabled at all ;-P

  • I am currently testing it on 1.7.7 and it is working fine.

    There was an error in this release version. But the new release that I uploaded few minutes ago is working fine for me. Can you post the response in your error log here ?

  • Just tested the newest release on 1.7.7 and it works for me.

  • I experienced some strange behaviour with elgg 1.8.4:

    After I activated the mathcaptcha, no (right hand side) menu options on the Administration page  other than PlugIns worked. That is, under the "Configure" group, neither the Appearance, Widgets nor the Settings would return anything when you clicked on them. This situation does not appear when you activate the mathcaptcha plugin but only after you log out and then display the register form. This situation disappeared as soon as I deactivated the mathcaptcha plugin. I suspect some scripting is overriden and it prevents these small right pointing arrows from expanding. This is a guess because "Plugins" option which works does not have such an arrow. This can all be circumstantial, please take is as an observation.

    BTW, also when activated, I could not get the mathcaptcha working. No text (math function or so) would be displayed. Only the answer box was displayed. Actually this was the reason why I tried to see the settings in the site administration page. I do not have any other active captcha plugin (some other plugins might have such a hidden feature wich I have not activated).



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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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