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This is a contact form mailer that I changed to use for administrating signups

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This is not a plugin you can plugin to your elgg program, but a contact form mailer you use instead of your register link...It will open when a user clicks on register in your login panel on your front page...Look for login.php in your theme or default theme location.

The link looks like this in login.php...Notice where it says mailer. That is the location of the folder in zip you downloaded. Make sure it is loaded in your root. And take this link here and replace the one in your login.php. And then open your site and check to make sure you edited the correct login.php. There is also another login.php in your account folder in the root of your elgg install. But this should work for you as it does for me.

$form_body .= (!isset($CONFIG->disable_registration) || !($CONFIG->disable_registration)) ? "<a href=\"{$vars['url']}mailer/\">" . elgg_echo('register') . "</a> | " : "";

You will have to change some of the fields and information to display in these files. You have to change your logo location and site name. You can change the colors to background.

It sends the form to your admin primary email address attached to your site. It shows the fields in email sent very nicely. Then you can take that information and enter it in to your site. Then send a email confirmation back to registee...It has a upload feature for profile also. You can change the required fields as you like. I got this on the net for free. I hope it works for you that are trying to stop spammers...I have tried every plugin Elgg has and this stops them. It also is good for making sure your members signing up meet your requirements. Also includes a terms.html file you can edit and add your site name in there and change the requirements...Have fun...Your on your own, as it is a simple program and you should have some basic knowledge of html to edit it...


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