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Export Elgg users, blogs and comments in a Wordpress eXtended RSS file.

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1.70.91 ()2011-Mar-22
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A simple script for exporting users, blogs and comments as a Wordpress eXtended RSS file for easy importing into a Wordpress or Buddypress installation.  Useful if you migrate from Elgg to Wordpress, or if you integrate the two and want Wordpress to handle the blogs and logins, but currently have those in Elgg.

HOW TO USE1. upload 'wordpress_xml' folder and its contents to your 'mod' folder2. run 'yoursite/mod/export-to-wp.php3. use 'save as' in your browser to save the file4. remove the file from your live installation, as leavingit there could prove a security risk.  (Anyone could downloadthe contents of your site, including users and their emails).(Sorry its a bit primative at this stage, I just got it workingwell enough for my own export and decided to share the code tomake it easier for others who wish to do the same.  Maybe someonewill convert this to a proper elgg mod at some point...)FEATURES1. Will export all users2. Will export all blogs 3. Will export all commentsSTILL TO DO4. Template for tags created, but currently haven't added the query to get them5. Pages currently not supported6. All blogs will be harded coded to public7. The site headers are all hardcoded to 'example.com' as I didn't need them.LIMITATIONS7. Wordpress will attempt to auto import photos, but will fail for anythat were uploaded to the elgg site that aren't set to public.


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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