NoELab Media Embedly v1.8

Release Notes


This is a test version: only a convertion to elgg 1.8 so use it at your owner risk.

If you have patches to fix or to add new stuffs you can collaborate on this project.

Embendly is configured but you have to enter your key in js.php and uncomment loadjs in start.php.

There are still bugs and conflicts to resolve.

  • Thanks Lord, I understand your are busy person, I will test it on this weekend. on my site old version is wroking like add media without any api key, why don't you try to add embed extended plugin script to embed url links to video. I will take a look into that if I get anything for you.


  • embedly with jquery is a quickly solution, not the best one, but it is for now an easy way to embed url links without to do changes or to overwrite other plugins (think to thewire, blogpost, everywhere on site, it is very immedite for users to paste a link and see videos)

    my idea will be to integrate embedly directly with tinymce, something similar elgg embed plugin. the use of embedly is for now interesting because it supports by default a lot of services.

    but I like to remember that this plugin was born to do a media library using Oembed servers, so embedly is still like an optional to cover all site areas. 

  • Sure Lord,

    Today during creation of sitemap online I saw some odd urls like below example for every photo in my site. Is that a bug or as expected?



    To all please check your sites also by adding /'embedurl'/ after any photo in tidy pics if that works that mean your site also has duplicate urls.

    If anyone is aware about these please let me know how to avoide these from google indexing and from url.

  • Hi Lord,

    I did not get too much time for testing but few things I checked and found some bugs So  I am posting here.

    1). It is not compatible with the old version, I mean it is not showing any video which is installed through old version.

    2). In activity no video or Image is showing only link.


    Here are some things which are working perfectly.

    1). Adding video from youtube working very good without any problem. Did not tested any other media yet.

    2). I like the new bigger thumbnails controled from css.

    I will check more things in one or two days and let you know if get anything for you.


  • Hi Lord, did you checked my posts above...??????


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