NoELab Media Embedly v1.4

Release Notes

Version 1.4 - Tested on Elgg 1.7.8/Firefox 4/ Chrome

  •   * Fixed edifice categories input in wrap function if is_plugin_enabled
  •   * Improved Media Library Widget on profile with media icon 
  •   * Fixed,Improved and Added jsSupport for Riverdashboard and Messageboard
  •   * Improved Media Library on river tabs
  •   * Improved languages items
  •   * Improved css
  •   * Added group media widget
  •   * Added support for noelab_media_embedly >>> read NOTES in readme
  •   * Added Media Sharing

ElggFiles overwrited: riverdashboard/nav.php && widgets/messageboard/view.php

  • @rjcalifornia Sorry for late reply but my all functions are again start working as expected without any key , I removed that key and leave it same as before , and after some time at night it start working and after 3 days now everything is working. I am facing only one thing like some time embed video is not displayed but if you refresh that page then it show you embed video this problem is from the starting. 

  • I installed the plugin normally but when bond umm you tube video aaprece nothing shows up ... that was saved the addition of the video but nothing happens. Do not download the video ...

  • i didn't understand what happens to you Vagsiarom...are you sure it was from youtube and not youporn? 

  • Hi!

    I have a problem. I use elgg 1.7.10 and Firefox 3.6.18. When I try to send a link, receive an error message: "Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /home2/jedirend/public_html/teszt/elgg/mod/noelab_media_embedly/lib/Embedly.php on line 199"

    How can I solve this problem?

  • Curl Init undef error has got nothing at all to do with this PlugIn nor with Elgg ;)

    Just contact your Hosting Tech Support with that error message and they should be able to explain and maybe even correct the situation.

    If you had taken some little time to Google for "Call to undefined function curl_init" - you would have already figured that out by yourself ;-P

  • 1.7.10 firefox

    Sometimes Embed on fly works and sometimes it doesn't.  when it does work it works great.  Ive enabled it at the bottom of my plugins list and I've ran upgrade.php a number of times.  any ideas?

  • it's the first working plugin in elgg , thanks a lot @Lord55 , you are the best .

    i tested every plugin here , no one working well like this . thanks again

  • @rachid wow, but all compliments go to elgg team that give us possibility to do new plugin over others!

    @stuart it can be a problrm on load javascript, it can happens if you have a lot of plugin on your site

  • I put url form youtube and vimeo and not view. I use elgg 1.7.8

    How I fix this problem? The videos not view. Here a example:

  • I cant view any media in this plugin. I have elgg 1.7.8. How I fix that? The videos is not view in riverdashboard and media library.

  • Embed videos in blogs and other places stop working completely now , and I have not too much plugins loaded. I think Lord need to take a look inside this plugin....

  • I didn't see if something is changed with embedly on fly...I will give a look

  • uhmm...but I saw another discussion, is this problem relave only for blogs?

  • Actually I used it for only blogs but other people using it in other places too, and they found same problem every where

  • @all, soon I will upgrade plugin with changes to fix embed on fly and maybe I will introduce a new player in files area instead zaudio. 

    a new version for 1.8 is in test.

  • @ lord is that possible to show bigger thumbnails in new version?


  • @ghumanz for new style I will do it in 1.8. Now I'm converting sites to elgg 1.8 in my free time... this plugin was born for academic purpose, so it is more important video title and content than the first picture, but as I said I will provide a more attractive look :)

  • Hello everybody, I use version 1.7.9 NoElab installed and everything seems to work perfectly. But I need to run porn videos. Among copying code in several site embed, URL and nothing runs. I've looked at the list and not on site for adults. Can someone help me run these types of video plug-in. Why this plugin is very good. But my need is video porn on the net. Someone please help me!

  • I installed this plugin 1.7.1 and in the first day when I loading 1 time work if I refresh the page again only show the video link and refresh again and the video show and form yesterday the video dont coming anymore. can you help me with this Lord? thanks in advance

  • I have same problem than the others now showing the embed videos and images...will you fix this in current version? I'm using 1.7.8



  • I just installed this plugin again...and now my elgg site has this 'ghost' of the status box (top box which tells you 'you are logged in' and stuff like that) all time. White box with an x. Wont go until I click it. Appears all time in all pages..

    which file has this ghost thing???

  • Using this in 1.7.10, it is working very well, except when adding images to the media library. At least using Photobucket, you can add an image, but it does not use a proper thumbnail. (Normally I use firefox, but in IE, you can see that the thumbnails are x'ed out image spots)

    Looking into the source code of the active page, it looks like the url information is  showing up as 'img src="" ' meaning some part of the plugin is not properly giving the correct url for a thumbnail, or part of it is not creating the thumbnail, and therefore not able to find a url, I suppose. 

    Thumbnails work fine for video, but I'd like graphics to have thumbnails too. I have not throughly tested if this issue is with other hosting sites, but thumbnails work for flickr, if that helps narrow down the problem.

  • @Lord please take a look into this pluggin:-

    It fixed my videos problem in blogs any everywhere, if on the fly embed video is not working you may add this pluggin to embedly to take advantage of this. it is working like a charm with any delay.

  • for all, i'm sorry but at the moment no time to check well with embedly api bug. for now this plugin is under review to bring it in 1.8. now it is running on my sites with basic functions to test it with 1.8.

    @gnumanz as jray said on his plugin, it uses an internal library, so you can use both togheter and disable embedly.js from metatags. still not checked jray plugin, but i'm sure it is a good work.


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 6707
  • Recommendations: 25

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