NoELab Media Embedly v1.3

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changes 1.3 

  • * Added Media Featured 
  • * Added Media Move  
  • * Added Media Rss 
  • * Added Media Count 
  • * Added Most Popular
  • Hmm, that's a function from my edifice plugin. @lord55, you probably need to wrap that function in if is_plugin_enabled, otherwise it will trigger errors.

  • i'm fixing some bugs in my free time, soon a new release also with new features, and i will answer to all :-)

  • Hello lord55,

    I really like the plugin. There is a strange issue regarding embedded videos on group pages: When using IE8 and IE9 compatibility view the video shows as a white backgrounded box with a red 'x' in the corner but displays fine in the media library. It works great on webkit browsers without any problems. People accessing the pages only have access to IE8 (administrated PCs) on Windows XP so won't be able to see the video in on the page.

    Is there a solution for this problem, or is it connected to something else?



  • Really like this plugin, wanted to let you know, in elgg 1.7.8, clicking 'edit' on a previously posted link comes up with a white page with forms to fill in but no way to submit.

  • After looking again, at the very bottom of the 'white page +form' I get this error message.

    (my elgg installation is in a folder /soc/ from my main folder.)

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_item_categories() in /home/content/25/7897225/html/soc/mod/noelab_media_embedly/views/default/media/addmedia.php on line 194

    I'm going to look at the addmedia php file and see if I can solve it, if I can I'll post the solution.


  • I like this plugin because it is fast & usefull and want to help in improvement of this pluggin.

    I found Some bugs in this plugin and want to share here:-

    1). @ devoster yes you are right , when we click on edit it show white screen and no submit button there.

    2). On the fly media is not showing in IE8.

    3). Media move tool is only showing few groups to admin which need all groups to show.

    4). If we add any media to catergory , those categories list is not showing in left sidebar. one thing more if we click on category showing on media play page then it open category list but showing some other missing media along with we actually added.

    5). Tabbed issue is already in list.

    6). Slow loading on the fly media is also in your list.

    7). Profile widget is  showing user icon which needs to show media icon.


    For to do list:-


    1). According to me more important is related or similar media list on media play page instead of play list or favorite media.

    2). Need a group media widget in groups which is very important.

    3). Need media thumbnails more bigger in size.

    4). If media list is open in grid view with medium sized icon and title on bottom or top like albums in tidy pics then it will look more attractive.

  • wonderful plugin, but I kind of get worried, the thumbails of the videos are linking to sites that are not quiet clean I think, exemple:,

    I would prefer as the profile, record the thumbails on my own web site rather than linking to strange web site?

    can you give me an hint on that please

    thank you for your work

  • in 1.7.1 give me the next error.

    Error in start.php in line 240.

    Don't work in 1.7.1?

  • @gastre For your current version of Elgg, use the 1.2 version of this plugin. Although you should upgrade your site ;)

  • @rjcalifornia, Thanks, but I have the same problem.

    /mod/noelab_media_embedly/views/default/object/media.php on line 9

  • ok, Now work, o works in 1.7.1 change the next lines.

    in start.php en la linea 240

    $title = elgg_get_friendly_title($title);

    in 1.7.1 deletel "elgg_get_", :

    $title = friendly_title($title);


    in mod/noelab_media_embedly/views/default/object/media.php

    en la linea 9. lo mismo:

    $friendlytime = elgg_view_friendly_time($vars['entity']->time_created);

    have to be:

    $friendlytime = friendly_time($vars['entity']->time_created);


    Now, I have the problem with riverdashboard. With the river default, no problem, but with the river 3 columns, don't see the video in the river.!!!!

  • uploaded a new version! I hope to answer to all this great feedback with this new release but there is still a lot of work to do and it is not a good time for me. please report new/old bugs in new release. thanks to all!!!

  • @TahoeBilly about 1.7.4 you can see a solution shared by gaster. If you find other deprecated functions, I will add them


    @rjcalifornia about 1.7.1 try gastre's solution and let me know. about riverdashboard there is a workaround in new version :-)


    @steviedean about messageboard bug there is now a work around to solve it


    @antonio arebalo about long description, it is improved


    @pedromarqueslx about large vimeo video, it is improved. About IE8-9 you can try to test new improvements and let me know.


    @ghumaz about thumbnail, wait elgg 1.8. about white page on edit option, can you tell me your elgg version? about to convert izap videos links there is not a solution :-( about fly media in IE is it good now?. about move tool it seems to be an elgg bug for input form. about categories, are you saying about media type? it works in my test, about tab issue there is a work around. about slow loading it depends from embedly server for now. about profile widget it is added. about relative video you are right, someone want to share a patch for this?. about group widget now it is on. about layout new improvements in elgg 1.8 :-)


    @dhrup LOL :-)


    @cynthia about embedly documents in file plugin there is no solution at the moment


    @free frost thanks!!!


    @sterbini how is it now in new version?


    @ihayredinov thanks!!! I want to show category from edifice under tags: there is a simple solution to call which category it was be selected? :-)


    @lee thanks!!!in my test it works, can you give me a link to test?


    @devoster is it now fixed in new version?


    weirdcazro thanks!!!how is it now? in elgg1.8 new improvements


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 6698
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