NoELab Media Embedly v1.3

Release Notes

changes 1.3 

  • * Added Media Featured 
  • * Added Media Move  
  • * Added Media Rss 
  • * Added Media Count 
  • * Added Most Popular
  • Lord- Does this work in 1.7.4 ??

  • @tahoebilly I didn't try all version 1.7 essentially for time. I tryied 1.7.1 for rjcalifornia but it did't work for some depraciaded functions. At moment I can only say... it is compatible with 1.7.7  and it will be compatible with 1.8 when it will come out. Then if someone want to add a patch for compatibily I will add it

  • another consideration, I don't know onestly How many people are interested in this plugin, because like me, I was using izap_videos. So the difficulty is then to convert all videos for this plugin and it take time. I did it becuase I needed a solution more light for sites on service hosting to increase speed on page. Izap_videos is powerful but it need a good server to run well.  So I still think many people are using izap_video to embed videos and my plugin will try to be a light alternative from elgg 1.8 with some good and essential functions. And if someone want to collaborate to make it better, the door is opened

  • I actually like this plugin, and I am very interested in it. With the gallery, it is best than the milocker video plugin. It supports  soooo many sites. I like it, and it would be awesome if it could work under 1.7.1 hehe (BTW I'm actually using yours on a project, that's why I was requesting 1.7.1 hehe)


    I could never configure Izap =( Izap is good, and alternatives are always good =)

  • This is an amazing plugin and I would LOVE to use it but I have one issue that I can't solve. when you post a (as an example) Youtube URL on the message board widget, it posts the video twice on the message board. I installed this plugin on a freash install with no other video plugins and still the same result. I did notice that as it posts the video URL above the video, it may be this causing the issue, just a thought. any help would be appreciated

  • @steviedean it is a busy period, i will fix it, thanks

    @dilbert thanks, is it working good for you? give a reccomandation if you like

  • @ lord55 Awesome :-) you'll get no pressure from me during a busy period, this is an amazing plugin and good things are worth waiting for. I only wish I had the expertise to assist you.

  • En algunos videos o multimedias embed, la descripción es demasiado larga y ocupa mucho espacio en el muro o dashboard.

    Para eliminar la descripción del link en el muro, elimino en este archivo:


    Dentro de la línea 16 la sección en negrita:

    $(this).after('<div class="infoembedly"><p><b>Title: </b>'+$(this).data('oembed').title+' ('+$(this).data('oembed').type+')</p><p><b>Published by: </b>'+$(this).data('oembed').author_name+' on '+$(this).data('oembed').provider_name+'</p><p><b>Description: </b>'+$(this).data('oembed').description+'</p></div>');     

    Me encanta este plugins, si tubiera los conocimientos necesarios, seguro hubiese querido hacer algo parecido.

    Si alguien sabe como utilizar la función substr para recortar la cantidad de caracteres que aparecen en el muro, sería fantástico. Algo asi como en youtube que tiene la descripción acotada a dos líneas, y termina con "..."

    ¡Saludos y felicitaciones por este trabajo!


    English for Google:

    In some videos or multimedia embed, the description is too longand takes up much space on the wall or dashboard.

    To delete the description of the link in the wall, remove this file


    In line 16 the section in bold:

    $(this).after('<div class="infoembedly"><p><b>Title: </b>'+$(this).data('oembed').title+' ('+$(this).data('oembed').type+')</p><p><b>Published by: </b>'+$(this).data('oembed').author_name+' on '+$(this).data('oembed').provider_name+'</p><p><b>Description: </b>'+$(this).data('oembed').description+'</p></div>');     

    I love this plugin, if tubiera the necessary knowledge, sure he wanted to do something similar.

    If anyone knows how to use the substr to cut the number of characters displayed on the wall, it would be fantastic.Something like on youtube that has the description bounded to two lines, and ends with "..."

    Greetings and congratulations on the job!

  • @antonio this function will be included in next version

  • Thank you for sharing this plug-in! We are using it with Elgg 1.7.8 version at:


  • I'm using Elgg 1.7.8.

    Having problems with large video from vimeo:



  • Using Elgg 1.7.8

    Having problems with video preview in dashboard page, using IE (Internet Explorer 8).




  • @lord55 

    we worked on the issue that I raised and we have come up with a temp fix.

    We have changed /mod/noelab_media_embedly/views/default/media/metatags.php

    line 10

    added <script type="text/javascript">

    if(document.location.href.indexOf("messageboard") < 0 && document.location.href.indexOf("/profile/") < 0){


    with a "}" just before </script>

    This has stopped the embeding on the message board and the profile widgets (was also causing issues with the Twitter mod (widget).

    This also means that the media widget needed to be disabled in start.php 

  • Hi! Does anyone knows how to solve the "change between tabs" issue?

  • @rjcalifornia I'm about to look in to that next myself, my thinking right now is to set the tab links to load the entire page with the choosen tab showing.



    not ideal but should be a good temp fix untill someone comes up with something better. 


  • @rjcalifornia, have you seen my xtabs plugin? it will allow you to dynamically load a given view, and pass the necessary variables

  • @steviedean Actually that's a great solution, it solved some other problems that I was having with my riverdashboard. Thanks!

  • @all thanks for comments!

    at the moment the plugin uses 2 methods to get media data: 1;embedly server-side (used in media gallery to save in database) and 2; embedly-jquery (all over the site to upgrade media link everytime you load a video in a page). 

    I'm thinking to introduce possibility to save in database all data-videos also from the wire and dashboard/generic comments and then to delete definitively embedly-jquery  to go  to use only the embedly server-side function (It can be a solution to have less javascript and to speed up page load, but I not not sure if it is also a good solution for flexibility, because then we need to overwrite some elgg core files). 

    if someone has a good solution to use embedly only server-side and not with jquery, we will be honored to introduce it.

  • I am shifting to this plugin after a slow response from Izap video plugin, your plugin is very fast. I already recomend it.

    If some one found it is slow or effect to site performance  you can check it on

    Three quick questions:-

    1). How to change thumbnail size in media gallery.

    2). I am getting white page when I click on edit option.

    3). I already have approx. 1000 video urls from youtube in my database added with Izap videos, So is there any way to use them as it is with this plugin. Or I need to add all again manually one by one.


    Thanks for this valuable plugin .

  • @GH ->

    ;-) thx for such feedback. After yr site's problems, when you said u were gonna check this out, i was kinda waiting for positive comments..;-oOX

  • @Dhrup LOLz  , Do you have any answer of my third question??? It save me lot.

  • awesome plugin, I recommended it already :D

    Is there a way to embedly documents (pdf, doc, ppt, psd...etc)? I didn't like the smart files because sometimes the files wouldn't show up..

    So as you did this amazing job I'd ask if this plugin works for files storaged in elgg site or is there a way to make it work? :)

  • great work powerful plugin i like it alot

  • In elgg 1.7.8 the function get_item_categories used in views/default/media/addmedia.php is missing.

    Moreover, I had to change the code as follows to avoid a warning

                    $xxx = string_to_tag_array(get_plugin_setting('allowed_object_types', 'edifice'));
                    if (is_array($xxx) && in_array('media', $xxx)) {
                        echo elgg_view('edifice/forms/assign', array('current_category' => $current_category));


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 6707
  • Recommendations: 25

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