NoELab Media Embedly v1.2

Release Notes

Version 1.2 

  1. * Added Media Type with admin settings
  2. * Added library (api server-side) to add/edit/save/cancel embedly-data for Media Library in elgg's database 
  3. * Added Support for Edifice Plugin 
  4. * Added Profile Menu Link 
  5. * Added new internazionalitation lines in languages 
  6. * Added some css style
  • @delete your previus one release and use this one to report feedback, now media are saved in database (only in Media Library) to see how it runs

  • so this embeds images?

  • @Cim yes, did you try with Flickr or someone else but supported by embedly? if it is an image you will see type=photo

  • @all it supports also google maps (only if url is in .com)

  • I like the changes.  Ive deleted the old one, installed the new one, ran upgrade.php and when I use firefox it still takes about 25-30 seconds to load each page.  without embedly its about 2-5 seconds.  any ideas?

  • @rjcalifornia seems there is a problem in $area2 .= elgg_list_entities, it happens too if you put a plugin from 1.7.7  in 1.7.1 (i tried with bookmarks) 

    @stuartsloan did you tried disabling all plugin and running only media_embedly to see how your site loads? I don't know if there is a conflict with others 3th plugin. embedly is a small javascript and apiserver takes not so much time. 

    @all how are your time load on site?

  • This is looking great @Lord55 - do you think you can add a YouTube, Metacafe, etc. search function to a future version?  

    I'm not noticing any significant drop in performance after installation on my test site.

    Once again, great work.

  • @survtime I was thinking to add search function too. maybe I will do it in next/next version :-)

    @all  Testing api-embedly, it is quite faster and then it try to cache the emebed code. about speed on site, it is limited by how fast the URL host (eg. youtube) can return its own.... So in this plugin, in Media Lybrary now this happens only when you add a media, then all depends from your database to output media item 's html.  


  • when i added a media in the media library page, it gave me a token missing error lol. but yeah i posted an image from tumblr and it didn't auto embed it. is it suppose to not embed images?

  • lol Cim who when how why token missing error? tumblr seems to be broken in this days and I didn't try it 


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 6593
  • Recommendations: 25

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