Openinviter Invitefriends v1.9.4.0

Release Notes

Initial release.

  • como lo configo en windows el directorio


  • @rohonupe99: I think that user_points plugin must create a hook to my plugin, and not the opposite. But my plugin has 2 actions. The "original" invite friends, maybe still hooked by user_points, and the openinviter friends, a new action. Ask to the developer of user points if he can do something.

    @LJager: The config.php is owned by the "vendor" folder. I dont think is a good idea change a file of a third part provider. The config.php can change between versions of openinviter, and I feel safe to make my plugin apparted from openinviter.

    @mariano: If you use a shared provider, you must discover your account folder. Example: You have a domain called "". Your acoount in the majority of shared providers is "mydomain". So the path to your site is /home/mydomain/public_html. With your ftp client, create a tmp folder in /home/mydomain/ with 777 permission. /home/mydomain/ is the root folder of your ftp client.

  • Just a note: Wait a new release within a few weeks. I want to do some improvements and maybe a integration with mail_quere plugin, generating statistics. I need just some time to do this. :)

  • @Mariano: This is the only one who actually works. Well, except for facebook but it's not because the plugin.

  • @mariano: I have a combination of 3 plugins that help me a lot: My openinviter, mailqueue and phpmail from cash (That uses SMTP). With that combination we have few false positives in spam. (Only the **** hotmail always thinks that my community is a spammer. happens...)

    @rjcalifornia: And I swear that the plugin will be always updated. I am not a hit and miss developer. :). And facebook works here. But orkut doesnt. I think that could be related to regions. In Brasil, orkut has the .br prefix, and the openinviter always try to open the "american" orkut. Maybe you have the same problem with facebook. But works with me. I can try to help you to debug your site. If you want, send a private message to me.

  • One more thing: 200+ downloads and ONLY 6 recommendations? C´mon! :)

  • @RayJ - not 2 worry or fret re: "only 6" ;-) You got mine and that shud count 1000x from many others that remain silent..  It is the ways of the apathy-filled world and of this community to take that which is of value and run off without a word of 'thankyou' etc ;-( Others might advice that feedback" has to encouraged and educated and nursed and etc ! ;-oO Hang on in there...

  • @Ray J, DhrupDeScoop is right, it is the world we live in :) Look at the 200 downloads for your reward ;) Don't look at the recommends..

  • Ok, ok. Understood (Almost Crying here) :)

  • yo utilizo el plugin smtpmail queria saber si openinviter es capas de enviar las invitaciones mediante smtpmail ya que utilizo ipdinamica 

  • Mariano's post in English: I use smtpmail plugin and wanted to know if Open Inviter is capable of sending emails through smtpmail 'cause he use dynamic IP

  • bien descargue el plugin me registre en openinviter descargue la ultima version y ahora estoy resiviendo un error 500 el intentar entrar en


  • @Mariano: Do you use this plugin?

    If you use, yes, is compatible with my plugin. I use the standart "elgg_send_email" function and the php_mailer from cash costello hooks this function.

    Now in Portunhol (Portugues with espanhol): Usted usas este plugin?

    Se usas, mi plugin es compatible, pois usa la funcion "elgg_send_email", que es tratada pelo plugin de Cash Costello.

    Best regards.

  • Recent news: Openinviter released a new version (1.9.6). Wait for my update in two or three days. Love you, guys.

  • q version de openinviter plugin me recomiendas

  • @Mariano, site offline. And I recomend the 1.9.4 because is compatible with my plugin

    @Mariano, seu site está fora do ar. E eu recomendo a versão 1.9.4, pois é compatível com meu plugin.

  • i cant enable this plugin

  • Ray J this plugin doesnt work. Please guide me. how to implement this plugin into my site. i just downloaded openinviter plugin in and added the following files config.php, openinviter.php and postinstall.php files into oi_openinviter/vendors/openinviter/. but it doesnt work. i gave my correct key and username. what is the problem. where i made the mistakes???? please help me on thi Ray

  • @shanu: Are you having a blank screen? I case negative, what you see? I know that is boring, but read the instructions again and all comments in this plugin. 99% of the problems are caused by incorrect path of the Openinviter API. And, as you see, the plugin was tested only with 1.9.4 version, and openinviter API latest version is 1.9.6. I am planning a upgrade soon.

    Give me a better description of the error so I can help you.

  • @shanu: One more thing: Are you checked the write permissions in cookies temporary folder?

  • Almost there. Fix some issues with file permisions. I don't like chmod 777

    I recomend

    chgrp www-data dir

    chmod g+r file

    if necesarry to write

    chmod g+w file

    Now I came late and I can't find version 1.9.4 and as you mention version 1.9.6 does not work :(. Is there any direct link to gente 1.9.4?

    Also after getting this to work, I would have to translated to Spanish and would like to send you the es.php file so that it could be included in feautre versions.

    Best regards,


    BTW. Your antispam plugin rocks :)


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 2082
  • Recommendations: 22

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