Openinviter Invitefriends v1.9.4.0

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Initial release.

  • does this plugin do a mutal friendship between the invitee and the person who is inviting him/her, as in the elgg's default friends inviter.

  • @Thuvalpakshi: Yes. It does a mutual friendship. It sends a invite code in the invite message, like the invitefriends plugin.

    @R.Cerceau: Thanks. :)

  • i just installed and ran this in 1.7.7 elgg.. when i visit the invite friends page i see:

    'Fatal error: Class 'OpenInviter' not found in /mysitepath/mod/oi_invitefriends/oi_invitefriends.php on line 4'

    any idea why?

  • Thank you for this - great plugin, recommended.

  • Tunist,

    Open oi_invitefriends.php. In line 2 you will see the command "include($CONFIG->pluginspath . "oi_invitefriends/vendor/openinviter/openinviter.php");"

    Make sure that you installed openinviter API in vendor/openinviter folder. If everythin is correct, you will find the php file "openinviter.php" in vendor/openviter/. The API cannot be suplied with the plugin thanks a license agreement from the creators.

  • thanks Ray J.. 

    i have the plugin working now.. though when i attempt to import contacts from i see the msg 'unable to import contacts'.

    has anyone here used this successfully to import from

    (i looked in the openinviter forum already and didn't find any comment on the subject).


  • @tunis: Openinviter plugins are a pandora box. Although the creators claim that ALL plugins works, in fact some plugins shows bad behaviors. In Brazil, orkut doesn´t work (Maybe because we use the adressess).

    To test your providers, look for postinstall.php. The url is something like

    Execute that page and see the results. Just remove the plugins that doesn´t work.

  • ok thanks for the tip.. 

    i ran that script and no errors were noted.. ning was listed as 'OK'.

    (some other sites such as facebook were listed as 'NOT OK'..)

    i deleted all the plugins that were listed as 'not ok' and they still appear in the dropdown within elgg.

    i ran upgrade.php on the elgg site and still no change to the list.

    i also attempted to use youtube and no go so far.

    are you aware of any other changes that can be made that might bring this to be functional?


  • @tunist, I will make improvements in the plugin´s documentation. But your deleted plugins still appears in the form thanks the openinviter plugin cache. Take a look in the config.php and search for "cookie_path". Just remove the oi_plugins.php in that folder. The plugin cache will be rebuild.

  • Another thing: There are hundreds of plugins. I tested only a few of it: Facebook, Hotmail, GMail and 2 or 3 more. But trust me: My plugin make good use of the openinviter API. If something goes wrong, its openinviter fault. And keep in mind that plugins of type "email" sends invites through the internal ELGG Inviter Plugin. And plugins of type "social network" send invites throug scraps and messages INSIDE the social network. If you invite someone through NING, take a look in NING´s account. Maybe the invite is there.

  • ok, i see, yes..

    i sent the invites through ning by downloading the site's archive file and extracting the email addresses directly as i was unable to get the ning function to work at all.


  • @Marzoni: I don´t know. But I think that could be easy migrate the plugin to 1.6.

    In theory, you must make a copy of invitefriends plugin, rename to oi_invitefriends, include the line "include($CONFIG->pluginspath . "oi_invitefriends/oi_invitefriends.php");" in \views\default\oi_invitefriends\form.php and follow the steps above.

    Do you REALLY need a 1.6 version of this plugin? I don´t have a 1.6 enviroment but I can make the customizations and you test if works. So we can upload a 1.6 version here.

  • thanks ray yes that would be very helpful if you could make the customizations and i would be glad to test it :)

  • @Ray, thanks for your contribution to the elgg community, please can you explain more on how to fix this error:

    'Fatal error: Class 'OpenInviter' not found in /mysitepath/mod/oi_invitefriends/oi_invitefriends.php on line 4'

    I don't understand the explanation you gave to tunist above.

    Sorry for my poor understanding.

  • this is an error I am getting when I send an invitation.

    Fatal error: Class 'openinviter_base' not found in /home/msn5/public_html/m5/mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/vendor/OpenInviter/plugins/facebook.plg.php on line 24

    I need help to fix these errors

    Thanks in advance

  • @Royal: Firt, you must download the openinviter API from openinviter site (Here: I cannot provide the API here.

    Unzip the API in /vendor/openinviter folder. Make sure that the file openinviter.php is located in /vendor/openinviter folder. Done. :)

  • @Royal: omni_inviter???? Are you sure you are testing the correct plugin?

  • does this work with the elgg_userpoints plugin

  • ummmmmm...;P does sugar mix with salt ?

  • @Dhrup You are hilarious =)

    Actually, I get this error when I try to invite my Hotmail/MSN friends...

  • @Amigo ->

    weelll...  Open-Inviter + UserPoints ??

    Is the aim to :-

    • Integrate the two PlugIns ?
    • Are there errors when both are enabled ?
    • Any messages to go by - to understand the situation ?
    • Or... do people generally just *not have time to test PlugIns for themselves and so just gotta ask "someone else" ?

    ..think I need double dose of my pain medication tonight ;)

  • +1 Recommended

    Installed on

    I installed this thing per instructions. Went to openinviter and created an account. Nice part was once I downloaded the file from openinviter all my account information was already plugged in. Just unzip and roll with it. I only tested it on gmail so far  but I have faith it will do the job as open invite promised.

  • Just to clarify, in the plugin description you say:

    Edit the file \vendor\openinviter\config.php like the example below. You will need a User Name and Private Key.

    Would it be possible to add a form to the plugin settings (if there isn't one already) to add this info?  Therefore eliminating the need to re-add the info after every plugin update... ;-)


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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