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Invitefriends plugin with support to openinviter API.

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This plugin is a fusion of Curverider´s Invitefriends Plugin and Invite Friends module from Openinviter API. You can, in the same form, invite your friends in the old way, typing one e-mail per line, or invite your friends using Openinviter API.


  • Invite messages uses the same layout from original invitefriends plugins.
  • Send invite codes in the message. (Allow mutual friendships in registration).
  • Multilanguage support. (English and Brazilian Portuguese in the package).
  • Only two files were changed. Future upgrades will be easier.


Unzip the plugin in the "mod" folder, download the latest version of Openinviter API from and unzip in the \vendor\openinviter folder.


Disable the original Invitefriends plugin. Edit the file \vendor\openinviter\config.php like the example below. You will need a User Name and Private Key. You can get it registering in website.




"username"=>"YourUserName", //Your login in the openinviter website.    

"private_key"=>"YourPrivateKey", //Your private key.       

"cookie_path"=>'/home/admin/tmp', //Path to store cookies and plugin cache.       

"message_body"=>" "       

"message_subject"=>" "       

"transport"=>"curl", //You can use wget too       







"plugins_cache_file"=>"oi_plugins.php", //Plugin cache filename.       


"stats_user"=>"", //Required to access the stats       

"stats_password"=>"" //Required to access the stats    );   


Final notes:

  • This plugin was writen from scratch, merging a elgg plugin and a openinviter api example.
  • Only one file from original Invitefriends plugin was changed: \views\default\oi_invitefriends\form.php. I added the line "include($CONFIG->pluginspath . "oi_invitefriends/oi_invitefriends.php");". This will make future upgrades easier.
  • The code responsible to send invites through Openvintier API is a "elggfied" version of example.php, supllied in the package.
  • I will use in the plugin the version numbering from Openinviter API. So, this plugin starts with (Openinviter 1.9.4, minor release 0)
  • I am using in a production enviroment, but I am a C# developer, not a PHP developer, so be careful. :)
  • If you like it, recommend it! Recommending, you don´t help me: you help the community, showing the best rated plugins and saving hours for new users.


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
  • Downloads: 2082
  • Recommendations: 22

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