Enhanced Wire v1.0

Release Notes

First release of this rewritten plugin. Requires Elgg 1.7

  • Smith

    It is in conflict with the Riverdashboard Plugin (original version)

  • Smith

    This is the parte of the code that causes css problem on riverdashboard:

    if ($object->reply) {
        $parent = thewire_get_parent($object->guid);
        $parent_poster = $parent->getOwnerEntity();
        $text = elgg_echo('thewire:inreplyto');
        $string .= " $text <a href=\"{$parent_poster->getURL()}\">{$parent_poster->name}</a>";

    If we delete this part, we have no problem, but the sistem will not show us who answered to other user's post.

    The entire code

     * Wire river view
    $performed_by = get_entity($vars['item']->subject_guid);
    $object = get_entity($vars['item']->object_guid);
    $url = $object->getURL();

    $text = elgg_echo('thewire:river:create');
    $string = "<a href=\"{$performed_by->getURL()}\">{$performed_by->name}</a> $text";
    if ($object->reply) {
        $parent = thewire_get_parent($object->guid);
        $parent_poster = $parent->getOwnerEntity();
        $text = elgg_echo('thewire:inreplyto');
        $string .= " $text <a href=\"{$parent_poster->getURL()}\">{$parent_poster->name}</a>";

    $post_text = thewire_filter($object->description);
    $string .= ': ' . $post_text;

    $text = elgg_echo('thewire:river:reply');
    $string .= " (<a href=\"{$vars['url']}pg/thewire/reply/$object->guid\" class=\"reply\">$text</a>)";

    echo $string;

  • Smith

    Dear JHUAPL

    You plug in is OLD....i'am sorry bu there is a serious error of usability, in a conversation, the answers are added at the bottom not at the top .... this is not twitter, you'd better learn from facebook.

  • Brilliant! Thanks for sharing it :-)

  • Hi! I love this plugin, but there are some things I would improve and I do not know how. I wish users could delete their post, because at least in my installation only the admin can. Nor Twitterservice work, I can't run it in any way. At least I have used the plugin 'microbloggingservice' to send the posts to Identi.ca and go on to Twitter. The trouble is that not send post over 140 characters, and it would be nice to automatically crop to 140 and were published as well. Can anyone help me to solve these problems? Sorry for my terrible english.

  • I have a modified mod for the wire...is there a way to keep my design/functions and add this ajax riverdashboard?

  • yep ! mix, match and merge the disparate code fiunctionalities ;)

  • thanks DhrupDeScoop, will try to merge things hehe

  • Two questions:

    Have permissions been taken out of this version of the Wire, making every post Public?

    How do you remove the Wire posts from appearing on the front not logged in page?

    Many thanks.


  • Is there a plan for a v1.8 release ?


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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