Enhanced Wire v1.0

Release Notes

First release of this rewritten plugin. Requires Elgg 1.7

  • @martinez - that is controlled by whatever plugin that you are using for commenting on the riverdashboard.

  • @JHUAPL: nice looking plugin. I look forward to using it. Thanks for putting it all together. *Recommended

  • @JHUAPL: for me, a necessary plugin THANK YOU 

  • Some error. When I added this plugin, new wire posts are not displayed on river.


  • @zenin - make sure you copy all the code over. If the river views (views/default/river/...) are not copied, new entries are not added to the river. 

  • thanks for this.. :)
    i'm using the autodash plugin too which places the wire box above the river.. and the two aren't presently working together.. 
    i see 3 wire boxes above the river.. either that or none if i disable the option for wire in admin settings.

    i tapped a message into the bottom one and submitted it.. now the whole site is non functional.. ;0(
    if anyone has these 2 plugs working together i'd appreciate some assistance.. cheers

  • First of all, thank you for your contribution to the elgg community.  A couple issues:  I'm not using the river and was using an older version of the wire which actually had a wire widget as well as a wire post widget.  Your offering only has the wire post widget and does not provide the ability to begin a wire post directly from the dashboard or profile. Instead you have to go to Tools > The Wire to start a new post.

    Another issue I have with this is that wire posts are now showing up on the login page, which is something I cannot have for security purposes.

    I really like the reply feature, but I'm going to have to revert back to my old wire due to these concerns.

  • @tunist - latest zip of autodash is corrupted. It puts the views directory under actions. Besides that it looks like the add wire action in autodash uses different arguments than our thewire_save_post(). You could try commenting out the extend_view() call in autodash's start.php and changing the arguments in autodashes call to thewire_save_post().


  • @Buddy Boy - no release from Curverider included a post from profile widget that I'm aware of. You can probably just copy that code from whatever plugin you were using to this one. Also, this plugin sets the access level on wire posts to public. That can be changed in the add action.

  • @apl:
    thanks for the tips.. the version of autodash i have here is not malformed/corrupted as you describe.

    maybe i will look at getting these to work together soon.

  • Does this plugin work with the twitterservices? I have The Wire updating to twitter when I post.


  • Hmm...not sure what you mean by just copy the code...

    I tried a straight upload of the folder to my server after renaming the old one...and it crashed the site...

  • @Dan, copy the code means ftping it to your server just like any other plugin. Again, we recommend disabling the original wire plugin first. I can guarantee that a proper install of the plugin will not crash the site. Also make sure you are using Elgg 1.7.0 or newer.

    @k5jat - just checked and no it doesn't. It will be an easy fix. We'll add that for the next release. All it takes is adding these lines to the bottom of 

    // tweet
    $params = array('plugin' => 'thewire', 'message' => $thewire->description); 
    trigger_plugin_hook('tweet', 'twitter_service', $params);
  • Hmm...that should say bottom of thewire_save_post() in the plugin's start.php

  • como puedo integrar el boton thewire more en el riverdashboard tienes alguna idea 

  • I'll just wait for the next release. Thanks! Can't wait to try it. :)

  • how I can integrate more thewire button in the riverdashboard have any idea

  • Any idea on when the next update will be out?

  • @k5jat - no plans right now as the only addition is the lines in the previous comment about posting through twitter services.

  • Ok, the twitter addition is a little more involved, you have to initiate the hooks and add a function, but I got it in there and tested it out.

    Now I can post to twitter but the view is messed up. It shows the view/delete/reply as a bulleted list instead of the way your screenshot looks.

    After installing your plugin unmodified, the formatting still doesn't work. It could be my theme (theme_666), but this is the first issue I've had with a plugin.

  • Checked it out in the default theme and the formatting is goos. Not sure what the deal is. I don't think I know enough about the relationship between elgg themes and plugins such as this to fix it.

  • how I can integrate more thewire button in the riverdashboard have any idea

  • still havin problems with posts on the wire showing on the river....any help??? i copied the code well but can see posts on river...

  • Still having issues viewing the wire with a bulleted list of options. I'm about to give up and go back to the original. It just looks bad and unprofessional.

  • OK, I found where the bullets were coming from. It was in thewire/views/default/object/thewire.php. I took out the bulleting and added some simple pipe characters. It works much better now.

    JHUAPL, if you would like me to email you my patched file to make twitter work please PM me. :)


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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