Friend_requests - Gestion des demandes de mise en relation

Warning: This plugin has't been updated in over 54 years. It may no longer be maintained.

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This modified version includes a view that can be included into a custom index page

This plugin is based on friend_request versions by Bossumon & Zac , and Coldtrick

  1. The main goal was to get reusable views that could be inserted into main homepage (and not only as a topbar icon).
  2. Plugin is also multisite-ready now.
  • No functional change.
  • Insertion code is in readme.txt file.

Florian DANIEL aka Facyla

Web consultant, Elgg developer, entrepreneur @ Facyla & natural idées


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
  • Downloads: 894
  • Recommendations: 1

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