Robust Blog v0.4

Release Notes


  • Widget styles now standardized (tunist)
  • Comments link goes to an anchor at the top of the comments list (tunist)

Still to come: (when I finish my current project - so hopefully end of next week)

  • Internal reblogging system
  • improved edit page with image selection (combined with Tidypics)
  • A few other bits and bobs


I'm sure tunist will have some other goodies for you before the beginning of next week.

  • What would be nice would be that the blo central keeps the slideshow as coded by trajan, and besides this that we would get the code for usinf Nivo slideshow on custom index , that would display featured posts + getting the first image of the post. This way no upload would be needed, and it would be a nice and sleek way to display featured posts on index too.

  • That Nivo slider took forever to load in my browser. If you want to include it feel free, it's not that difficult. But it's not a priority right now since there is already a slideshow available with the plugin which can be CSSed easily and ported to custom_index easily.

  • ported to custom_index easily.


    Is there a fonction to call it ?

    Thans for the answers and technical detils you give by the way ;)

  • Hi Folks,

    Got it running ok but in 'write a blog post' I see two areas titled  'images' and 'extras' both are greyed out, no functionality. There is no tool bar at the top of the blog text area.

    Any ideas?

  • @jckm:

    the 'write a blog post' page is unfinished.. so it may be that the next version of the code has a different version of that page.

    we looked at alternative text editors to possibly include in this plugin, such as CKeditor, to improve the whole blog writing process.. that would also include a different method of image uploading (if i recall correctly) - so those empty boxes will most likely be removed (or filled).


  • i just uploaded a new version of the plugin to the repository..

    i removed the two empty boxes from the blog write page..

    and fixed the 'comments switch' so that it is working.

    and also removed the submenu options for blogs from the search results page.

  • @all: apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I've also been a bit busy with other things. I'm hoping to have a look at tunist's latest version on friday or this weekend and if bugless, upload here. Sorry for the delay.

    @pradacaca: there is a simple way to port it yes. Simply call

    echo elgg_view('blog/top'); 

    somewhere in your custom_index plugin's new_index.php file. Basically wherever you want it to appear.

    @jckm2000: the write post page is next on the list of upgrades. We've got a lot of ideas and will have to play around with them as best we can. The two main areas are reblogging and image affiliation whether this might be a relationship with a certain tidypics photo album of the blog owner or uploaded images or something else I'm not sure yet. 

  • anxiously awaiting the new release :)

  • you can always download the latest version via the repository link at the top-left of the page.


  • hmm... i'm finding that the fckeditor is not displaying when i edit a blog post..

    anyone else seeing that?

  • ah i meant 'tinymce', not 'fckeditor'

  • Thanks Tunist - i'll give it a shot, cheers!

  • Sorry Tunist I can't tell you, I'm waiting for the stable release to install it on my production website :/


    I was wondering something. I saw a cool feature on many blog centered websites, I don't know how hard to implement it is :

    Is it possible to define an option for blog owners to upload a banner (for exemple 40x600 px max) that would display on top of their articles ? let's say like this :


    AVATAR       tags + infos


    Post content


    Thanks for answer

  • @p:

    yes, this is an intended feature of this plugin.. i think most likely the slideshow will also include a representation of these blog images.

  • That's so cool !

    But for the slideshow, in my opinion it would be better if it displayed an image contained in the post than the banner ^^


    Any idea when a stable version will be reached fr the plugin ? Can't wait to implement it on my website


    And thanks for answering to the community !

  • You guys are the max! Can't wait to see a finalized version. Comments: Using .4 on the left up there, I saw no problems with my editor displaying.  Clicking the repository at top left took me somewhere where I could not find any mention of further versions. Questions: Looking ahead to 1.8 which seems to forthcoming shortly, will upgrading be painless or will we need to stay in the 1.7.7/1.7.8 (assuming stable/secure) until the BLOG is ready for it?  What about wrapping text around an image, possible? I can't make it happen and that might be on my end.

  • @pradacaca:

    oh ok, i misinterpreted your message about the banner image.. 

    i'm only coding what i need for my site.. i simply have too much to do that is way more important to me.. trajan might be inspired to code that, otherwise you can make an edit easily enough.

    i'm not sure when a complete version will be ready.. i said a week a few days ago.. and (as is so often the case) that was totally innacurate.. both trajan and i have been focussing elswhere.  most likely we will update the code again soon.



    the link to the repository has an unneccesary .git at the end..

    this link works:

    then click 'download'.


    i have not looked at 1.8 elgg at all yet.. from what i have been reading i imagine that a few changes will be needed, as with most other plugins. assuming the change from 1.7.8 to 1.8 isn't super huge, then we will likely make this plugin backward compatible.

  • I know you guys are busy but I can't help being excited about the possibility of the next release - this plugin has a ton of potential.

  • apologies all. It's coming, unfortunately the factors of priority and income weigh heavy on further releases.

    As far as I can remember, the current version is stable although for some you may have to turn off "related articles" function in back end.

  • Thx for the feedback Trajan ;)

  • Hi Trajan & Tunist - This is a fantastic blog plugin.

    I encountered a problem - I created a blog, disallowed comments and then edited the blog and ticked the allow comments tick box and then the resulting next page (after save or publish) was blank with just the number 7 in the top corner? Not sure if you'll be able to reproduce.

    For my purposes; I'll likely add the ability to choose a country (from Jermone Bakker's country selector plugin) that the blog can relate to. I'll also probably/possibly change the date system so its a 'you wrote this about such and such which happened WHEN?' as opposed to 'this is the date you wrote a blog'....but that's just to suit me. Thought I'd let you know. Thanks for the great work :D



  • @James: I haven't been able to reproduce that bug myself. I will have a look at it in further detail soon. I will have something out by the end of April as that is my deadline.

    If you don't see it by then, feel free to shout at me and I will get on it.

  • Hi. Thanks for your nice work.

    I get a problem with view.  It looks like this


    CSS is messed up and no color

    What can I do?

    Thanks again


    Im trying again with a link to printscreen

    otherwise i hope you will understand what i mean. All boxes is messed up in in blog edit and no colors




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