Robust Blog v0.2 Beta

Release Notes


  • buggy view count
  • layout issues


  • "feature posts" - made admin backend
  • Most followed - owner's block box admin backended
  • Blog Central tabs ajaxed
  • Blog extended plugin 80% integrated (not categories)
  • Automatic related articles code added and admin backended (buggy, can be turned off)

0.3 Plans:

  • Fix related articles bug
  • Introduce internal "reblogging" feature (suggested by Cim)
  • Rework the blog edit form to improve UI.
  • Complete blogextended integration (need to recode the categories section to be admin backend)

Report bugs please. Tunist put a lot of work into this release especially on the related articles which are organized based on the similarity level of tags.


  • I haven't put it up on test site yet, but this looks like the greatest idea since the invention of fire. I want to encourage you to keep it up. I currently am having success with vazco's tinymce. Does this one have anything comparable built in, or is it simple like this comment box? Wonder how secure it would be to try this out on a production site since you now have it listed as a beta.  Thanks for your hard work.

  • Testing on a production site is not recommended right now...don't want to take the chance. When we have a finished plugin (perhaps v1.0 at a speed of roughly 1 (0.1) version per week) it shouldn't be too long before we recommend production usage. Both Tunist and I are new to high level coding so best to let us do the testing and then let you know.

    As to the TinyMCE issue, our robust blog has no special feature for that. It uses the standard elgg version or whatever plugin overrides that.


  • Trajan, this plugin is amazing, really something I needed (the feature thing, etc...). I currently run a "big" elgg community, some hundreds of users, 40 posts/day at least, so it would be perfect for my community.


    Cant wait to use it on my production website.

  • @pradacaca: glad you like it. Yes all the features are designed to develop the blog plugin into a real "section' of an elgg website instead of just being an available "tool". 

    We looked at Wordpress and thought, why not have an elgg version of it. At least to some degree. More coming soon.

  • OK, I've got it up on a test environment and overall it works and looks very nice. You're right about the layout and view count.  Firefox looks better than IE, and the Your Blogs view seems better than Blog Central view as the posts don't seem to all run together since there is a line separating  them (alternating shaded posts could work too). Will it be possible to change Blog Central to something else, say ALL BLOGS - in the backend or by editing a file? Also, the style of the titles for each blog in the Blog Central view might need a darker shadow for some of my (few) elderly readers, ;-. In my environment in IE, the Your Blogs titles for each post are not visible (I'm testing on an old computer so I will need to make sure it has IE8 and not IE7 for this one).

    Hooray to you and the Elgg community.

  • @pauloortiz: everything you mention can be changed in the language and css files of the plugin. :)

  • @callum_coutts: can you tell me which version of elgg you are using. This may well be an issue if you are using 1.6.x, as this blog is based on the core 1.7.x build.

  • Hi Trajan ive found it.

    This is the one that is breaking it.

    Function  delete_entity_relationship()

    in #8 /blog/actions/watch.php should be


    Works now :)

    Its a fatal error so needs to be fixed.

    By the way, thanks nice plugin.

  • well spotted thanks for the feedback. I will update that asap.

  • Suggested improvement would be to put the follow/unfollow link on this page aswell

    /mod/blog/everyone.php next to the comments and views to make it easier to unfollow bloggers.

  • Thanks Callum. We will add the link to the next version

  • Will you add Feature Blogger too ?

  • @pradacaca: we feel that the current feature method is more versatile especially when combined with the following feature which focuses on the bloggers themselves.

    So at the moment we will not be doing this.

  • Hi, I try the mod in my demo site that is version 1.7.6 and work fine but in my live page that run version 1.7 all the web is mess up. This release is not compatible with 1.7 because I need this plugin a lot.


    Thanks in advance

  • Although this is built for 1.7.x it is founded on the 1.7.4 elgg core blog plugin. It may very well not degrade gracefully.

    My advice is to upgrade your live site to 1.7.7 as soon as possible to make use of the security fixes from 1.7 to 1.7.7

    You will also be able to use this plugin. However as mentioned above this is still beta. Not recommended for a live/production site as it still has bugs.

  • i get a white page as soon as i enable it...i am running elgg 1.7.6....

  • Nice plugin!

    I get a good view inside groups blogs, but inside the all site blogs listing the format changes to just plain listing with no style.

    Any suggestions?

  • @ReaL: have you tried running upgrade.php on your site? Also, please tell us what other plugins you are running. This plugin has been tested in a variety of environments and has never caused a WSOD so far.

    @Canterbury: thanks for the feedback. That will be due to the context. Tunist and I are discussing listing options to provide uniformity across the plugin. The current issue is about the view counting bug still in the system.


    A little news for everyone out there. As far as 0.3 goes, we have been working on the related posts function. Tunist wrote a lovely bit of code to get it working that we put into 0.2. It is causing an issue on some installations and we are trying to solve why that might be.

    We have redesigned the add/edit form with a new style to allow for adding new features to it in the future.

    Have fixed a few other bugs and issues caused by the change of style to the edit form. 0.3 is shaping up to be a nice expansion and there may well be time to look at the reblogging feature requested by Cim. More news to come.

  • The idea I really like is the fact eah option can be activated individually. Please keep this. It's perfect to custom your own install and integrate it to an existing website.

  • @pradacaca: once again thanks for the compliments on our code. Yes we are keen to have maximum flexibility to allow for total customization. That is something I will be talking to Tunist about for v0.4/0.5. I really like JD's admin backend customization styles for profile_manager and widget_manager plugins. With so many controls in the backend those plugins are more flexible than a double-jointed Olympic gymnast and I hope we can emulate that level as well.

    Update: Tunist fixed a lot of bugs yesterday and I caught one or two after work. 

    @callum_coutts: your request for follow/unfollow in the listing view has been implemented.

    More to come

  • "@callum_coutts: your request for follow/unfollow in the listing view has been implemented".

    Thanks Trajan.

  • @callum_coutts: as to the pre-edited comment you made about robust blog-> facebook wall, it's a consideration. It would be more for Tunist to think about than myself since where I live (China) Facebook is blocked so I can't test it. We'll think about it.

  • the working version for this plugin is available here:

    i've just uploaded quite a few bug fixes and changes.

    the submenus are now more accurate for page context, the group blogs pages now work and group blogs are listed in member's blog pages too.


  • and.. you can view the current version on my test site here:


  • @tunist: thanks for uploading that buddy, I'll get around to putting it up on here later today. ;)


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