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Easy set up external blogs/sites displaying selected content in a customizable layout.

Externablog configuration page (as localadmin)
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1.60.5 ()2011-May-04
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Les blogs (ou sites) externes visent à créer des sites externes, alimentés par des contenus provenant d'un ou plusieurs sites existant, en environnement multisite.

Ce plugin a été développé et testé pour Elgg 1.6.x, et nécessite l'utilisation du plugin multisite (il n'a guère de sens en contexte mono-site, sauf peut-être pour gérer une page d'accueil - si vous l'utilisez ainsi, vos retours m'intéressent !).

Il est à destination des admins et admins locaux exclusivement, et vise à fournir une interface de consultation externe de contenus produits au sein du (des) réseaux de l'installation multisite.

Il permet ainsi d'afficher dans un site spécifique, utilisé exclusivement à cet effet, des contenus provenant d'autres sites, filtrés selon plusieurs critères : site, groupe, auteur, tag, et de les lister dans une interface configurable directement en backoffice via une sélection de layouts et une série de blocs configurables acceptant du HTML non filtré (si utilisé sans éditeur et que les plugins activés le permettent).


Plugin développé pour le programme Citélabo de la Fing http://fing.org/ (sur une base existante)


This plugin is meant to be used in multisite-context mainly (other usages are not tested, but feedback is very welcomed to keep this plugin as generic as possible in upcoming versions - if any).

It provides an admin-configurable interface to set up a public site (or blog, depending on to which extent it's used).

The external blog is not meant to have members, but only one or few admins who can configure the plugin : mainly select content, and display it in a configurable interface, that do not rely much on Elgg own CSS.

The chosen layout are configurable with (or without) a text editor, and accept raw HTML if the site plugins' allow it (note : filtering can be disabled on this site -multisite- as it doesn't have any other user, if you trust your admins of course^^).

Block configuration include top menu, footer, and various blocks depending on the chosen layout.

This plugin was developped and is used together with a few other plugins :

  • CMS Pages : used to set up pages (that are used and linked from the configurable menu)
  • iCal viewer : an iCal.. viewer (from file or feed)
  • a modified Simplepie (not released yet, but should very soon) that lets admins configure a main incoming RSS feed (provides a RSS view that developpers can configure and include anywhere)

Note : test carrefully before using on a production site !!

Not e: The plugin was designed to display only blog posts from a selectable group at first, but was modified to let admins choose any source, depending on various filters (site, groupe, type of content, owner, tag...) : the result may vary and should probably be adapted for other content subtypes.


This plugin was funded by Citélabo Fing program, after an personal proof-of-concept.

Florian DANIEL aka Facyla

Web consultant, Elgg developer, entrepreneur @ Facyla & natural idées


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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