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0.6.2 (2011.05.02):    - small bug in cmspages/view0.6.1 (2011.04.07):    - better support of externablog layout switcher0.6 (2011.03.29):    - cmspages are now searcheable    - listing view added (object view)    - url handler added0.5 (2011.03.17):    - addded parameter : use externalblog layout parameter instead of default layout0.4 (2011.02.14):    - merged feedback from Fing    - corrected edition bug when using private access level (edit action)    - corrected delete action    - modified menu view that didn't pass the GUID for deletion0.3 (2011.02.11):    - added 2 new views : cmspages/read (used by read.php), and cmspages/view, which can be used in themes just as any other view    - rewritten read.php to use read.php view    - typo fix in menu.php (line 50)0.2:    - integrated german language file from Tom    - added a missing translation key    - corrected minor css syntax bug in menu.php0.1:    - original version

  • I've been trying to use cms pages to add static pages with customzed layout and styling.

    I've try to design the page using my HTML editor, then I paste it my code into editor on my static page. The content makes it, but much of the styling gets modified.

    Specifically, the problems I get relate to:

    Font type

    Font size

    Line spacing/line height

    Is there a way to disable/delete all styles so that my HTML styles apply?  

    Using inline styleing doesn't work, i.e. <div style="font-size:12px !important;">text</div> doesn't seem to work either. The font size is ignored or another size is used.

    Is there some switch for tinyMCE that could also be involved in causing the problem?

  • will this plugin create only 3 pages... i couldnt create pages more than 3

  • @shanu : haven't seen this and i use it with much more pages.. click on "+" sign to create a new page (JavaScript must be enabled) - or click "add a new page" (or smthg so : it don't remember the exact translation) if you haven't selected an existing page yet.

    @aloha : well, the plugin itself is not designed that way (i thought about it but disabling all elgg styles would imply to rewrite them, which would make the plugin not very usable). There are certainly various ways to disable elgg default styles, but this plugin does not override them at all.

    You could add a unique "id" in your HTML code so that your added style would apply to inserted html code.

    TinyMCE filters some html tags : you may customize that (refer to the tinymce documentation, rather than the plugin doc), or edit and save cmspages without using it (don't use HTML mode then : but disable under the textarea field).

    Htmlawed plugin also filters sometimes too much tags for some usages (and probably online styling and < style > tags).

  • @Pavithra Why don't you give your feedback here :-  "@Pavithra On which version did you test it?
    Liran Tal 51 minutes ago-- and maybe Facyla will wake up (in the country he is in) and give you some feedback here ;-) Regards, DC.

  • @Dhrup +1 ;-)  ..i'm rather awake evenings than mornings^^  (i'm in France btw :)


    @Pavithra There is no subpage (or any relation between pages) implemented in this plugin - as it is not designed for basic users but admins or authorized users only, and isn't linked to any listing or navigation system at. You may use regular Pages plugin if you need structured pages.

  • thanks for this great plugin!

    But my problem is as follows:

    it is not possible to click on the cms-pages in the search results.

    Is there a possibility to solve this problem?



  • Hi Figtree,

    I can't reproduce what you describe - cmspages are registered as searcheable entities through register_entity_type('object', 'cmspage'); and should appear as defined in view object/cmspage, which has a clickable link on title.

    It shouldn't display in a different way if not overrided.

    Do you have any screen capture or further details ?

  • Hi facyla,

    i sent you a message with the url of my elgg-installation.


  • hi there

    great plugin, will you upgrade this to work with 1.8?

    the functionality of 1.8 to include own menu items with static links is perfect for this...



  • @figtree : answered (though i don't like using private messages usually) >> apparently the trick worked ?


    @thomas : i will probably update that plugin for 1.8 some day, but i can give you no deadline, as it is not planned yet... Don' wait for it if your in the hurry !

    Most of elgg-sites i'm working on are on 1.6 version, and we don't plan to upgrade them, so will probably update the plugin while making a new site. Not sure though 'cause next one is a really small one and i don't know if i'll have enough time for that.

    Anyway, if i start the updating process, i'll tell it here.

    Feel free to adapt to 1.8 if you develop, or DM me if you'd like to pay for a 1.8-adaptation (on a per hour development basis, which should be quite quick).

  • Well, there *will be a 1.8-compatible version soon..

    Please check on Github for latest releases.

  • As promised, an Elgg 1.8.x-compatible version was just released : please look for 0.8 version.

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