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Suggests contacts based on common contacts and groups.

This plugin is mainly a back-porting from Emdagon's "People from the neighborhood" original plugin ( ) for Elgg 1.6.1 ; it should also work from 1.5 to 1.6.3 versions, but this wasn't tested.

Note : If you're using Elgg 1.7 and further versions, please use original plugin instead (copy link above).

There's also a french language file which is OK to use with both plugins.


Tip (for developpers) : insert suggestions view into members index page (members/index.php) with following code :

if (is_plugin_enabled('people_from_the_neighborhood')) {  $people = people_from_the_neighborhood_get_people($page_owner->guid, 3, 3);  $area1 .= '<div class="sidebarBox">' . elgg_view('people_from_the_neighborhood/pftn', array('people' => $people)) . '</div>';}


Florian DANIEL aka Facyla

Web consultant, Elgg developer, entrepreneur @ Facyla & natural idées


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