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This plugin will protect your website from spam

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This is a custom captcha, which after configuration will stop your spam. 


After installing the plugin you will have to go to plugin settings and input security questions and answers which are specific only to your site.Those questions will be asked to your users during registration in order to verify their human. Questions may be as simple as:

  • What color is the background of this site?
  • What day comes after Friday?


It will protect your site from automatic spam. Since questions are site-specific, it won't be possible for spammers to break this mechanism. They would have to break into every site separately. This should protect moderately big Elgg sites.

Please input questions in format:

question1 | answer

question2 | answer

question3 | answer

Note - plugin won't protect you from spam posted by humans. It won't protect you when a skilled programmer targets your website directly. It will however protect you from automatic spam which is targetted at all Elgg sites and/or all websites in general.



Please disable captcha plugin vefore using this plugin

Mike Zacher (vazco)

I'm an Elgg expert and CEO of vazco.eu - the first plugin store for Elgg. We focus on development of highly scalable and highly customized Elgg websites.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
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