Approvenewmembers v1.1

Release Notes


* Now also sends an email to the new member when they sign up, telling them to reply to the mail in order to confirm their email address. Since we are going to approve members manually this is a sufficient form of email validation.

* An approval notification email is sent to the member, also when you approve them directly from the 'unvalidated users' list.

  • hello

    is there anyone who would like to help me develop an 'invitation only' plugin for my website?

    current members can invite new members via email. the new invited members receive a link to a sign up page along with a 'one time passcode' which they will require during the sign up process. 

    once the sign up is complete the code is no longer valid. the code should also expire 30 days if not used to activate an account.

    it will need to be available to use for 1.8.1

    if anyone could help me with this it would be massively appreciated.

    cheers, ronnie €

  • this doesnt work with 1.8.3 any plans for an update?


    Many thanks. Otherwise great little plugin

  • this plugin is very usefull but now we have 1.8.3

    When you think to release it ?


  • Seeing all the positive comments on this plugin, I have the same question: Is anybody working on an update for this plugin?

    And while I'm add: I would like to add an extra text field in which new users can describe why they want to join, who they know, etc

    Not pushing, just asking. (and it's a bit out of my reach...)

  • +1 for a 1.8.3 version.

    I believe such (optional) functionality should be available "out of the box" in elgg installations, as an alternative to e-mail validation. There just are so many cases that admin validation is the only way to go.

  • This plugin is essential!!   An update to 1.8 would be so lovely!  

  • This is really a great plugin..... Is there any plan for create this plugin compatible with 1.8 version?

  • Thanks for the votes of confidence.

    But I am no longer working with Elgg, so I hope somebody else can pick up this plugin and adapt it to 1.8 or later versions. The code was quite simple (and probably should belong to basic functionality), so I guess an experienced programmer can fix it quickly. 


  • I have this working in 1.8 if anyone is interested...

Danny VdB

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