Approvenewmembers v1.0

  • I like the idea of this but a couple of questions...

    Will the new member get get an email too (so I know his/her address has not been rejected as invalid)?...this is important!

    Does the member get an email telling him/her they have been approved and can sign in? 

  • No verification email is sent to the new memeber, so that is something that could be added to improve this mod.

    I prefer to send a personal mail to new members, asking them to respond. Because I have found that a lot of the automatic mails elgg sends out never reach (over active spam filters everywhere).

    A mail telling the member that he is approved is being sent out, but only if the approval is done through the link in the email . It doesn't work when you approve a member in the 'unvalidated users' list. That is something I hope to fix in a next version.


  • Maybe they could receive an email that state something like....

    "Thank you for applying to join XYZ community. Your registration is being verified. You will receive a personal email from the web host shortly to confirm you have been approved. Please be patient."

    We should be able to edit that email to way whatever.

    I am not showing the currently plugin working testing so far. I get a "captcha error". I will try again.


  • @TahoeBilly

    Yes, such a confirmation mail could easily be added.

    Changing the texts of all emails that are sent out is easy to do in the language file.

    As for the captcha error. No idea what causes it. Maybe you are using another mod that replaces the standard captcha?


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