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Get an email whenever a new member signs up and (dis)approve them manually

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This is my first attempt at making a plugin.

This is just a tweak of the existing 'uservalidationbyemail'.

What it does:

1) When a new member tries to sign up it sends the validation email to you. The email gives you the username, email, IP address, and location (using geobytes) of the new member. This can help to stop the Chinese spammers and other entities that never stop signing up and posting crap on our networks.

2) The new member also receives an email, telling them to reply to the mail in order to confirm their email address.

3) You can approve the member directly from the validation link in the email, or in the 'unvalidated users' list in your control panel. An automatic email is then sent to the member telling them they are approved and can log in to the network.


The images (left) give examples of the emails sent to the member and to the network admin. Of course the texts can be editted or translated in the lang file.

The approval mail is sent to the email address that is set in the site settings, so make sure it is a working address.

Site Access created problems on my network, so that's why I made this simple tweak.

Feedback and suggestions welcome.

Important: you need to disable 'uservalidationbyemail' to use this mod

Danny VdB

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