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I have made some changes to likes and river_comments plugin by Pedro Perez. 

I have added the autodetect function from likes to river_comments too and changed the appearence on river items so that profile icon appears like facebook (something like river faces i guess).

Please note i wish no credit for these plugins. As soon as Pedro answers to my message this plugin will be deleted and changes will be transferred to his plugins as he wish.

second version

  1. specific appearence is only when you have set avatar option in your riverdashboard as very wisely martinez point it out to me.. :)
  2. No more duplicated entries. whenever someone posts a comment or updates certain post it will only appear on the original river item. Also if you disable a plugin which had river item they will no longer appear
  3. No duplicated entries for group discuusions too. River item will only appear when a new discussion topic is created . Below it it will show all the comments. If you comment from the river as well as from discussion topic you will have the same result
  4. commenting from river will have the same results as for commenting from eg the blog post. i have tested with blogs, groups, files, tidypics, videos, resources, eportfolio, bookmarks and pages and works well as far as i know.

Still need some modifications in appearence, the messageboard and friends to go.  If anyone find any bugs would be much appreciated to report them!!


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