Profile Manager Registration Reminder Widget v1.0beta

Release Notes

This version should work on 1.7.6 as it identifies the object subtype, correct site install, and owner context.

Note it is still in Beta, as not all possible scenarios have been tested.

Best of Luck,


  • It is currently in beta:

    Tested cases for Elgg 1.7.6 :

    1.) New user login

    2.) Existing user login with missing fields

    3.) Existing user login with one Profile to enter empty form fields

    4.) Existing user login with one initial Profile "save" to enter empty form fields

    5.) Existing user login with all form fields entered


    Note the required fields will default to everything in the tools widget settings.

    It is beta, and must remain as such until the correct API interfaces are integrated.


  • does it also remind to join a group if the user havn t pick any yet? 

  • @martinez  IIRC, There are already mods that sign users up to default groups...

    Personally, I would just embed an HTML link to the group sign-up URL if the membership widget is empty.





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