Massnotifier v0.1

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Initial release v0.1.

  • how does this handle the server when there's thousands of users in the database?

  • With many thousand users - not any good I think. Currently that will get number of active users. Then calculate number of batches to be gone through (100 user objects in each). And then just take those objects and send notifications overriding for only email method. This should somewhat prevent php from running out of memory.

    If you want it to handle quite many thousands of users. I guess another smarter approach is needed. Tried that on a portal with approximately 3.1k users. Took about 20 seconds to complete (new modern server with a lot of resources).

    Better approach could involve usage of Cron and some fancy logic of splitting the whole process into chunks that could be complete quickly. Then making a new chunk every minute or so. Upon chunk completion process would write some results somewhere. Then there would be a page with statistics for each sent notification.

    I did not want to create additional tables or complicated resource-friendly runners, so I did that plain and simple. But anything can be tuned. And there should be some statistics saved per each mass mailing (suppose that might be one of the things for 0.2).

  • Would I be able to put images or something else? 

  • No, currently it is plaintext only.

  • This would work fine for lets say 200 members then yes? I think this plugin will be a real popular plugin so don't give up on it :)

  • Yes. Looked good on over 3000 members site. Will add some small things as soon as I get some free time for that.

  • btw, fyi - we did consider similar mass emailers, but with 180,000 users ;-( no chance !! so went the way of cron, bash, php cli to do the mails - takes abt 24-36 hrs to complete with batches running every 5 mins

  • It does sound a bit too long to be honest (probably the 5 minute delay does the trick). This simple one did around 3k mails in about 20 seconds. So if just split that in 60 batches with one minute cron, then it should take about an hour to get the job done (I meant not taking all 3k users but doing some subbatches with 100 or something). But that might have a fancy effect on the server during that time.

  • Will it work the same, when I am using email from google apps? I mean, I dont handle email server in my domian at this moment! 

    Thanks for your time

  • I am not the brightest and the best, so I can tell you as much. I have a habit when writing some plugin I use Elgg core functionality as much as possible. Easier to get upgraded that way.

    Short answer: If your Elgg is able to send messages outside. It sends emails when users register and stuff. Then it should be working for you.

    Hope I understood your question correctly.

  • @Pjotr Sir , y dont you modify this pluggin with cron jobs? so that it will send mails in backgournd? With that all problems will solve if site has more than 3000 members

  • Hi i am getting error "NO USER COULD BE NOTIFIED" How can i notified the users.

  • @Thuvalpakshi I might do that at some point in future, but not any time soon.

  • @pavithara You are getting that message with what version of Elgg. I wrote that for 1.7 branch, but if I remember correct that might also work with 1.6 (not 100% sure about that). As for 1.8 - I have not tried that.

    If you look here near line 52:

    You will see that it will only happen if all notifications fail. This should be working as long as your Elgg instance is able to send out Email notifications. A wild guess would be that your instance is unable to send messages. This plugin is using notify_user method of Elgg, so as long as it is working the plugin should also be working.

    Any details?

  • This works for Elgg 1.8.1 by the way But I'd really like to send html emails...

  • @djSupport This plugin will send HTML email if you use some other plugin that will chain into the notification process and send the message before the the plaintext sending takes place. It uses notifications system, nothing special.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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