Menu Builder v3.0.1

Release Notes

  • fixed: fallback to default tab if not a managed menu
  • fixed: get correct menu item name if li has multiple classes
  • what else is needed to make this plugin work as active ale but nothing happens when I walk in the configuration menu "appearance / menu items" returns the message: "Server Error 500 "


    my version is 1.10 change the manifest from 1:11 to 1:10

  • This version is not for Elgg 1.10. That may be the reason you get a Server Error 500.

  • OK, and how can I use this PlugIM to 1:10 ?, I'm a long time waiting for an update to my version and if I can not work.

  • @Wagner

    Changelog of version 3.0.0 has this topic:

    • changed: now using new 1.11 function to check if language key exists

    Therefore, I don't think that backporting and using the new release on Elgg 1.10 is (easily) possible. But you could consider upgrading your site to Elgg 1.11 (and then to 1.12 afterwards). So far I haven't come across any plugin that works on Elgg 1.10 and no longer works on Elgg 1.11/1.12. There shouldn't be any issues. It's only the other way round that can fail, i.e. trying to use a plugin release for a newer Elgg version on Elgg 1.10 (or even an older Elgg release). With Elgg 2.0 it's different issue. Plugins released for Elgg 1.10 - 1.12 "might" still work on Elgg 2.0 but there's no guarantee. But you should be save with upgrading to 1.11/1.12.

  • Thanks for the answers, but I intend to not update to 1:11 / 1:12 ... I'm afraid of something going wrong and losing everything.

    only one observation: I found it very strange plugin (menu builder) of 1.9 to 1.11 /1.12 jump to version 1.10

  • Elgg 1.10 won't receive any bugfix updates anymore (security updates if necessary won't be released for 1.10 endlessly either). Also, it's unlikely that 3rd party plugins will get new releases for 1.10 for much longer (including new features in existing plugins for older versions of Elgg) So, it's surely not useless to learn how to update Elgg. It's not too difficult either. If you make a full backup of the Elgg install directory with all subdirectories, the data directory and the database you will be able to restore the old state of the site in case something would go wrong during the update (it is surely not wrong to have a backup of the install directory and to make regular backups of the data directory and database even without the intention of updating as there could always go something wrong). Best would be to get familiar with the update process by testing it locally with a test installation (e.g. with XAMPP or on Linux if you have it installed). This allows to get used to how it works without the risk of losing the content of your site if it's only a test installation. Such a test installation is also useful for trying out new plugins (with the same set of plugins installed as on your production site) to see if the new plugin works without issues. If you have tried the update procedure and made some kind of update checklist (backups...) the updating of your production site wouldn't be as frightening anymore hopefully.

    As the jump from releases compatible with Elgg 1.8 and now 1.11 onwards it's most likely due to lack of time for making a new release earlier. And as I mentioned in my last post the "forward compatibility" of plugins released for Elgg 1.9 - 1.12 due to Elgg core staying BC compatible within these releases makes it quite unnecessary to stay on Elgg 1.10 as there's no harm in updating to 1.11 and then 1.12.

  • Hi.  Great plugin.  Trying to programmatically deactivate a menu (and sub menu) set up in this plugin.  Tried elgg_unregister_menu_item('site', 'menu_name_1462317744');

    but it doesn't seem to find the menu item.  Should I be able to unregister as with other standard menu items?



  • @john all menu items made with menu builder are added in a 'register', 'menu:site' hook. That means you can not unregister using the `elgg_unregister_menu_item` function as the menu item is not yet registered.

    You need to register your own function on the 'register', 'menu:site' hook, to be able to unregister menu items registered in other hooks...

  • Ah, that makes sense.  Thanks Jeroen.

  • Hi, On Elgg 2.1.1, when I click on "Click to add a new menu item" in the "Admin/Appearance/Menu Items", I am getting the error:  'You cannot access the AJAX views directly' along with the messages of 'Bad Request  Sorry. The request is invalid or incomplete'.

    I tried a few things, along with disabling all non-bundled plugins other than the Menu Builder 3.0.1.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi, Jeroen.

    I use Elgg 2.2. If I'm trying to add a new menu item, I get a popup-box wit message "error:default".

    Can you help me?


  • Hi Jeroen,

    i use Elg Release - 2.3.1, Version - 2016092300, i use also the Aunleave design plugin and Menu Bilde v3.0.1.

    Now when i edit a Menu token, the Tumbnail Image are lost afer i save the change.

    In the edit Box are a HTML Span tag , i think this is a misstake:
    <span class="elgg-icon fa elgg-icon-circle-o fa-circle-o"></span>Group

    When i save this Form and i open the edit Box again the Box contain:

    its not possible for me to enter and save the class tag again, the class tag is always deleted.

    Can you help me?

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