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Release Notes

  • changed: updated dutch translations
  • fixed: can't delete menu item
  • fixed: some php warnings
  • Hello Jeroen this is a great pluging thanks for your hard work (danke well). I just noticed that when I choose Logged out user within the different options for "Who can see this menu item" the menu item disappear for both Logged out and Logged in users. Basically it looks like on my site the menu items, for only logged out users, are not working.

  • Hi, it's probably great plugin but it doesn't work on 1.8.8. Any ideas how to make it working? 

  • Whoops, my bad. It works, needed to reload elgg with default theme, then switch to other and it works :)

  • Is there anyway to return the userid instead of the username with [username]?

    i have tried replacing: $user = elgg_get_logged_in_user_entity() with $user = elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid() in start.php but it does not return anything.

    thank you

  • @adubey probably can be done with: $url = str_replace("[username]", $user->guid, $url);

  • @Jeroen .. ty that worked.. im struggling with php but i love it and will keep at it. ty.

  • Is there a way to restore original default menu items? I deleted a couple in playing around, and can't find an easy way to get them back...


  • Cordial saludo…

    Como hago para traducir el titulo de cada menú. Al cambiar de idioma. En este caso con la palabra “logout

    'menu_builder:item:logout' => "Salir",

                            'menu_builder:title:logout' => "Salir",

                            'menu_builder:name:logout' => "Salir",

                            'menu_builder:menu_item:title:logout' => "Salir",

                            'item:logout' => "Salir",

                            'logout' => "Salir",               



    Regards ...


    How do I translate the title of each menu. When changing languages. In this case the word "logout"

                            'menu_builder:item:logout' => "Logout",

                            'menu_builder:title:logout' => "Logout",

                            'menu_builder:name:logout' => "Logout",

                            'menu_builder:menu_item:title:logout' => "Logout",

                            'item:logout' => "Logout",

                            'logout' => "Logout",               


  • this works fine for me in 1.8.8.. 
    i'd like also to be able to move menu items to the left and right.. to change the sequence of their appearance horizontally.. unless that is already possible and i missed how to do it? 

  • ahh, the old 'dragon drop'.. works for moving left and right. :)

  • i notice i am unable to set the more menu to be for logged in visitors only.. possibly because there is no url assigned for that menu.. not sure.

  • good job!! But maybe a reset button is necessary if anybody delete the more button XD!!! 

  • Thank you for yet-another-useful plugin.

    While trying to add another language, I noticed that menü item names are not taken from respective language files. I believe changing the menu item names via the MenuBuilder is the proposed method. But I could not manage this for "More". This is because this top level menu item does not have its own URL and the MenuBuilder code does not allow you to save menu items without URLs ("Incorrect input to create/edit a menu item" - via actions/edit.php).

    Am I overlooking something? Is there a way around?

  • @ura soul @İşöğüçı  in the URL field try typing http://#  

  • aha, that works, thanks. :)

  • for reference, using just a hash symbol is more effective than the full http://# as if you have the 'target_blank' plugin installed, clicking the 'more' link will open a new tab.. the hash on its own does not.

  • @ura: that is because of how target blank works -> it looks for the http: for blank target window, all else non-http hrefs are considered 'internal'

  • that's not how the version i am using is coded. internal domain links beginning with http do not load in a new tab. i haven't looked at the code.

  • Hi Jeroen,

    First of all, great, great plugin, really nice!!!

    There is a bug in you code. I have several times experienced one of my Toplevel menu items to disappear. I think it happens when deleting a menu item. Maybe it remembers the wrong menu item number or so, if having had one menu item open just before deleting a second one.. Then it deletes the first one..

    The menuitems are still in the database, but not to be shown in the menu anymore.. Does the menu show what is in the database, or is it also stored somewhere else?


  • I was configuring the menu tabs with the menu builder plugin, by clicking in the settings. The "more" section of the menu somehow disappeared (with all the tabs under "more") and I cannot get them to appear again using the menu builder settings. 

    When the menu builder plugin is active, the "admin, configure, appearance, menu items" option is not available so I cannot do it from the admin panel either.
    Reinstalling the menu builder plugin doesn't help because it remembers the previous undesirable disappearance of "more". I want to keep menu builder and a fresh install of it would solve my problem. But it looks like a fresh install is impossible.

    Does anyone know the menu builder plugin well enough to tell me how to get "more" (and all the tabs under it) to appear again? I could simply forget about this plugin and work with "menu items" on the admin panel but I want to keep menu builder because it offers flexibility. 

  • @rm@nd@ sorry your having issues there, I wish I could help with that, there has to be a easy way to remove plugin entities from the database, as soon as you figure out how to nuke plugin data from a database let me know, I got 1 I need to re-install myself, were in the same boat.

  • You're lovely Kim :) but don't be sorry. I LOVE problems! How else would we learn (or even connect with others) if it weren't for problems or "issues" as you call them? Whenever I post a question by the way, I secretly hope that no one will help so that I can do the work and resolve it myself. So, issues, no issues, help, no help, it's all always good ;)

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