Linkedin service v1.0

  • Hi, this is a great plugin for ePortfolio project.

    Just a little issue, you spelled my name wrong ... hehe


  • @Pablo, my apologies. I changed it in the description file.

  • Now will this have a problem with having the Twitter Service plugin running?? I have seen this in the past with a different LinkedIN Plugin and also with trying to run the Twitter Connect Plugin that still I cannot get to work while running Twitter Service plugin at the same time.

  • @Calm

    On my fresh 1.7.6. install I also get a fatal error. I will look into it and update the plugin when finished.


    No, it shouldn't interfere with the Twitter service plugin.
    Before my plugin includes the OAuth library it will first check if the Twitter plugin included the Oauth library. In case there are problems at your site, probably the place to look would either be another plugin that also includes the OAuth library or possibly my plugin is placed above the twitter plugin in the plugin list, so that when it checks if Twitter is enabled it it returns 'no' and includes OAuth and you will end up with 2 libraries when Twitterservices also includes.

  • @Calm
    Hmm, now when I try again I can't seem to reproduce the error. It works fine on a fresh 1.7.6 install and a fresh 1.7.5 to 1.7.6. upgrade. Your error message shows that it can't find the file. However the two directories it's looking at appear to be different. Start.php is in /mod/linkedin services/ directory and the file in /mod/linkedinservice/. Did you create that extra space in the folder name and extra "s" or is that just a copy-paste to here addition? If the name of the plugin folder is changed the includes would indeed not work as it's looking for the files at the wrong place.

  • How do I have users login using their LinkedIn accounts?

  • @Jeremy

    You can't. This is not a login with LinkedIn credentials plugin. There are other plugins that do that. This plugin let's users import data from their LinkedIn account. The functionality is comparable to the twitterservice plugin.

  • @Welkers

    i was unable to pull the profile using this plugin. when try it says token rejected :(  any idea why i am getting this error. I have done the authorization.

  • @Ravindra

    As you know pulling the profile is not part of this plugin, so I'm assuming that you have registered this action in your plugin start.php. To do the actual pulling then you have to first get the users action token which is saved as a usersetting.

    Here is a short summary about what it should look like with what you are trying to do:

    $user_access_key = get_plugin_usersetting('access_key',get_loggedin_userid(),'linkedinservice');
    $user_access_key_secret = get_plugin_usersetting('access_secret',get_loggedin_userid(),'linkedinservice');

    $linkedin = new LinkedinOAuth(
            get_plugin_setting('consumer_key', 'linkedinservice'),
            get_plugin_setting('consumer_secret', 'linkedinservice')

    $linkedin->token = new OAuthConsumer($user_access_key, $user_access_key_secret, 1);

    $response = $linkedin->oAuthRequest(',first-name,last-name,headline,picture-url)', 'GET');

    $xml = simplexml_load_string($response);

    This should give you a white screen with the LinkedIn profile of the logged in user if that user has approved access to their account at LinekdIn.

    If this all doesn't work please send me a message agin so we can figure out where this error is coming from.

  • Thanks a lot Welkers. It solved my problem.


  • Category: Authentication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1145
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