Antispammer for elgg v5.177

Release Notes

  • Changed xml reply type
  • Better error reporting to user
  • Simplified code

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    • previene el spam en los comentarios de rivercoment y los estados en el muro ?

    • Not in this version. Just user registration only.

    • ok webgalli gracias puedes ver mi nueva version del plugin notify para elgg 1.7.6 y 1.7.8 aqui y ayudar a mejorarlo

    • I have a problem using elgg 1.7.1 - after registration there's always an error:

      Sorry, We could not register you. You are Identified as a Spammer.
      This may because the USERNAME / EMAIL you entered or your IP is in the International Spam Database.
      If you think this is an error you can contact us using the "contact us link".

      when I click at the link above, there is " appears in our database 0 times" so why it's marked as a spam?

      Please help me in this issue, because I really need a good spam protection.

    • @mostekk : i could not replicate this issue. Witht he antispammer V5.177 . Its tested in different elgg installs with spam accounts and non spam accounts. But it worked fine. If you are using V4.177, this error can happen.

    • Thanks Team Webgalli, works great..   Just had to learn that the username "test" was not a good username to use.

    • This I believe is one of the most important plugins for elgg,the more of us that use it the less power they have.When they find out you use it they let all of their spammer friends know!

    • @patriot : thank you for the excellent feedback

    • Thanks webgalli it is very nice plugin I got no spammers from last one month. I already recommend it.

    • @ghumanz : thanks for the feedback.

      To all : please report your statistical result after enabling this plugin.

    • After I installed it, spam is way down on my site and I have 68 submissions to SFS. I have 2 problems. One is that I can't seem to save domains to the blacklist. The other is that the IP doesn't always show up. Any ideas?

      Also, if anyone knows a way without hacking elgg to keep members from deleting their email address after they've been validated, I would appreciate the info!

    • This works great on my site.  I used to get 5-20 spammer registrations every day.  It is now 0-3.

    • I figured out what was going on with the email. It was me looking in the wrong place. lol!

      I'm having issues with the domain filter. It's not saving new domains I add. I had to hard code the view to make it keep the new domains.

    • Ok, it doesn't seem like the domain blacklist is work at all in elgg 1.7.8. and there are spammers still submitting banned email domains to my site.

    • I have two is a development/sandpit version and the other is the production site. I've copied the plugin files into the mod directories for both sites but for some reason the plugin is not showing up in the tool administration window on the development site. I can see it listed on the production site just fine! So I want to test it in the dev site first but can't.


      Re-uploaded it and problem persists. I checked permissions and everything is as it should be. Any thoughts on why this plugin isn't showing up in the list? Running Elgg 1.7.6 on both sites.

    • @k5jat : will check it and update if needed

      @boy4 : dont know why it happens. Make sure, you have extracted the plugin to mod folder itself

    • Any update on the working blacklist functionality? I had to go to denying all of China IP's in .htaccess. Although the blacklisted domains are in the database, people can still register with those email domains.

    • @k5jat : try the latest version under development from here

    • I am going to try webgalli add on since it helps everyone involved. I found myself doing a search on the spammers email and they always popped up on that stop spam list.

      I get about 1 a day which isnt bad from what other people are saying. I dont mind banning them but it would be nice to be able to ban them and then not have them show up on the list of contacts. I have about 180 members and I have probably deleted/banned about 20 bots. I am using siteaccess(no site wide password) and uncaptcha.

      I want to put safeguards in place but I would rather manually delete a bot a day than lose any people looking to join.

      Has anyone tried to put requirements on posting. Such as you have to fill out particular fields in the profile before you can create any content. I know there are ways to do it on signing up but you want them to sign up first...if people are serious about being part of your community they need to fill out some minimum profile information and a picture. 

      That would help me two fold as it would make people fill in information and kill the 4 post bot spam. I would still have to manually delete any bots that snuck in but it would save me four more button clicks.

    • @Evo - Yep This PlugIn seems to be gathering some good vibes - Main strength is the interface to the via their API which gves access to the globally reported spammers listing. I believe there are several many suich repositories with the same purpose - detect, identify spam boyz ;-) BTW bots can be blocked is different ways. I've perfected my spam block techniques code quite 100%, but close enuff.

    • @dhrup ...couldnt register through plugin for api key but it was just an extra step to go to the website and hook it up. I added my first spammer to the list and since it was simple one click process to remove and add the person to stopforumspam. I was digging it.

      I have a test server setup and I have left that one wide open so if I notice any spammers jumping on I can contribute their names to the hall of shame.

      I did notice one thing. If you use siteaccess plugin, antispammer needs to go in before that one or the captcha field will disappear but is still required for sign in (throws up an error). You will have to tweak the .css to get the captcha to look right. 

    • On problem: If stopforumspam is off line (Like now), the plugin slow down the registration and halts with a "Your a spammer" message.

      Maybe a check to see if the site is online or a try { code } can help.

      The code $url = "".$w_a_email."&f=serial"; chould be something like this (I Know, its C#. No jokes, please)



        $url = "".$w_a_email."&f=serial";




        Site off line. Allow registration.


    • @Ray : thanks for pointing out that. Will include it in the next release

    • Just so you know I was blocked as a spammer with my wireless laptop through the same router my hard wires are on. I could create a account with my hard wires but not the wireless. Any way just wanted to let you know I dont have alot of time to trouble shoot this so I have un-installed it. Thanks

    • anyway to not use the username check. I'm Charles, I run my site, but "Charles" gets blocked as a common spam username...not really helpful.

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