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*The bug with the status in the box "avatar".

  • Just created an account to say Wow, great job. Thanks!

  • Where did you take those sexy icons from? i need to create a calendar link....

  • @martinez from here it has an CC license.


    @jeremyridesbikes Thanks for your comment, it's great to hear that myplugin is useful

  • @angel @martinez ... i found an amazing website that actually grabs icons from all over the web, and it gives you the option to only grab the royalty-free ones. so if you guys want, try this site out. not kidding. i just got some sexy new icons for manfling from this site. no registration, either.

  • @angel ... I love your PlusRiver plugin. I'm still using it with the only mod being that I moved the status to the center column, grabbed some new icons for the quicklinks, and that's it. I'm using it with riverfaces from Adolfo Mazorra and the updated river_comments plugin from Kostis.

  • Hi guys, thanks for icons. i just found an excelent mod by Jeroen called widget_manager. It works with ajax and it s absolutely top mod for any elgg site. You can play with widgets and drop them around your profile page all with ajax!!! 

    @ Gabriel , could you try it out and have a look why it s not working with plusriver, those ajax widgets works well with custom index and with profile page.

    You r doing an excelent job. i d like to donate this project.

  • hi, waiting for any comment regrding to compability with widget manager...

  • hello

    I have a problem with the plugin. when I use my site to google chrome.
      if I want to see previous comments sent to the page of riverdashboard.

    sorry for my English use the translator google

  • Hello!

    I've got problem with plugin under Internet Explorer.

    When I'm trying to change tabs on the river (friends, all, mine) the dashboard is just disappearing, then i have to reload page, but there is still default value set.

    Anyway, Plus River, require Riverdashboard plugin to be on? Because when i turn it off, i can't see the dashboard, only the wire form stay in position.

    Is there anyone with similar trouble?

  • hello

    the problem as I have with all browsers. when I see the old activity, sends me the original riverdashboard elgg.

    please any solution?


    el problema lo tengo con todos los exploradores . cuando quiero ver la actividad antigua, me manda a el riverdashboard original de elgg.

    por favor, alguna solucion ?

  • Hello: I activated this plugin, but when the dashboard turns into a blank page with the text area and the submit button. :[  any idea what might be going on, Thanks in Advance!!!

  • likely clearing the video option. then clean the cache and updates


  • @martinez

    oh no sorry, but also i'm too busy at the university, the analog electronic is too hard :S and i have no time for php now, and sincerely i'm using the plugin widget manager, not my plugin, because i'm developing a shell for elgg with nice jquery animations and features and i want to merge plus river (compatible with widget manager) with these shell. you can visit my site at to see my theme\shell.

  • This is fabulous, and with your custom html box, I have been able to add a radio station that I could not figure out how to do any other way. You are da' man!

  • Just installed this but saw no difference to the riverdashboard.  Which rdb's is it compatible with?  Only the default one or all of them (or one specific non-stock one)?  It's (this plugin) currently at the bottom of the list so it can't be a loading order issue... :-/

  • After some trial & error I've discovered that - at least on my site - it works with the standard riverdashboard plugin, but not with the riverdashboard_wire one.  In saying that there is an issue when selecting any of the options via the dropdown box and the "Mine/Friends/All" links:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_plugin_setting() in /.../mod/riverdashboard/index.php on line 11

    I had a look inside the file and the line above has the folowing code:

    $defDashboard=get_plugin_setting('useasdashboard', 'riverdashboard');

    It could be because I'm using the User Configurable version of riverdashboard, and unfortunately I've been unable to find a copy of the stock riverdashboard to replace it with to confirm this theory.  Any pointers anyone?

    In addition, the "Share:" box at the top is greyed out (in a sort of grey/blue colour) and completely inactive...

    Thanks in advance


    I tried to re-order the plugins placing the following ones at the top (in this order) as suggested by Alan, but it didn't resolve the "Share:" box issue:


  • Anyone?  Apologies for bumping this but it's kind of a priority on our end... :-)

  • Make sure this is after your riverdashboard, or it did not function for us either.

  • It already was, however I'm also using the riverdashboard_wire plugin to allow wire posts to be displayed on the dashboard and that was lower down the list (I've since realised that the rbd_wire plugin isn't a full riverdashboard but rather a function to call the wire posts into the riverdashboard), I tried putting it above the plusriver plugin and it made no difference... :-/

    Also, since this plugin initially started off at the bottom of my plugin list I've ruled that option out since this issue was apparent from the second I installed it... ;-)

  • Ok, replaced the User Configurble dashboard with the stock version and the post filters work fine now, unfortunately though that now means it's up to me to decide whether or not to force people to use it or not  :-/

    But still got the issue of the submission form (Share:) being inactive/greyed out...any ideas anyone?

  • hola angel gran plugin,como se que hablas español pues te escribo en español,tengo una duda,como elimino el boton de editar pagina?

  • @aghein busca en el directorio /mod/plusriver/views/default/canvas/layouts/plusriver.php en la linea 218 el siguiente codigo:

    <a href="javascript:void(0);" class="toggle_customise_edit_panel"><?php echo(elgg_echo('dashboard:configure')); ?></a>


    y borralo o comentalo. Con eso debe de bastar. Saludos.


    Por cierto he abandonado un poco el proyecto :S incluso el de mi shell, estoy esperando a que salga la version de elgg 1.8 y mis vacaciones de la Universidad y veran muchos avances :D.

  • gracias por responder pense que te tardarias mas,increible que dificil sera esperar ver esos nuevos avances,yo estoy usando este plugin aunque de gorpe hubo una desconfiguracion extraña no se si fue por el tema que tengo o que sin querer desconfigure los css..gracias por los datos saludos

  • hola angel como hago apara agregar links en el muro??


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 5359
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