Release Notes


+widget My Blog

+admin setting: set the default size of avatars in river (if you set "avatar" in riverdashboard settings)

+user setting: set the size of avatars in river: tiny, small, medium

+New Style


*the bug with widget recent members

*the issue with the images of some widgets that doesn't hide when the slideToggle(javascript) is minimizing/maximizing the widget.

*the style of the Share div.

PD: I know that these are minor updates, but i'm so busy because i'm back to school :p but don't worry i'll keep this plugin up to date constantly and compatible with the most recent version of elgg.

  • When I'm logged in as Admin, My Groups shows a list of my groups, but when I log in as an ordinary user, My Groups doesn't show any groups at all. This happened in v2.0.1 as well as v2.0.2.

    I need this to work as I'm about to get some ordinary users to start testing the site!

  • Same here, we're about to launch! This is the only river / dashboard replacement that shows the potential to do all the things I need it to do. Ideally it would be fully widgetized so you'd have full control over which widgets you can add to the left and right column, as opposed to being at the mercy of what the plugin supports. I realize that's probably heavy work, but at least an "upcoming events" widget from event calendar for the time being.

    Regardless I definitely hit "recommend." I'm excited to see this further develop, I'd even throw some money down to see it move along. Awesome work!

  • I've installed 3.0 Beta, and that solves the problem, but there is no option for admin to set the widgets displayed. Users have to set their own widgets.

  • @JohnAndCharlie

    you can do that, but with another plugin: defaultwidgets this plugin comes with elgg core, just activate it trought your tools admin, and set the default widgets for new users in the admin section Default Dashboard Widgets, just ignore the middle column, this will work for new users, but for current users won't, i'm working to allow site admin to force or reset the position of widgets, but it will be a feature in a future version :)


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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