Release Notes


+widget My Blog

+admin setting: set the default size of avatars in river (if you set "avatar" in riverdashboard settings)

+user setting: set the size of avatars in river: tiny, small, medium

+New Style


*the bug with widget recent members

*the issue with the images of some widgets that doesn't hide when the slideToggle(javascript) is minimizing/maximizing the widget.

*the style of the Share div.

PD: I know that these are minor updates, but i'm so busy because i'm back to school :p but don't worry i'll keep this plugin up to date constantly and compatible with the most recent version of elgg.

  • Hey, that s the code for latest events for a group. What should i do to create a widget from it, can you help?


    $page_owner_entity = page_owner_entity();


    if (event_calendar_activated_for_group($page_owner_entity)) {

        $num = 5;

        // Get the upcoming events

        $start_date = time(); // now

        $end_date = $start_date + 60*60*24*365*2; // maximum is two years from now

    $events = event_calendar_get_events_between($start_date,$end_date,false,$num,0,page_owner());

    // If there are any events to view, view them

    if (is_array($events) && sizeof($events) > 0) {


    echo '<div id="group_pages_widget">';

    echo '<h2>'.elgg_echo("event_calendar:groupprofile").'</h2>';

    foreach($events as $event) {

    echo elgg_view("object/event_calendar",array('entity' => $event));


    echo '<div class="forum_latest"><a href="'.$vars['url'].'pg/event_calendar/group/'.page_owner().'">'.elgg_echo('event_calendar:view_calendar').'</a></div>';

    echo "</div>";

        } else if (get_plugin_setting('group_always_display', 'event_calendar') == 'yes') {

         echo '<div id="group_pages_widget">';

    echo '<h2>'.elgg_echo("event_calendar:groupprofile").'</h2>';

         echo '<div class="forum_latest">'.elgg_echo('event_calendar:no_events_found').'</div>';

         echo "</div>";




  • and thats the code for group videos

    global $CONFIG;


    $page_owner = page_owner_entity();

    if($vars['entity']->izap_videos_enable != 'no') {

      echo '<div id="izap_widget_layout">';

      echo '<h2>' . elgg_echo('izap_videos:groupvideos') . '</h2>';


      $options['type'] = 'object';

      $options['subtype'] = 'izap_videos';

      $options['container_guid'] = $page_owner->guid;

      if(is_old_elgg()) {

        $videos = get_entities('object', 'izap_videos', $page_owner->guid);


        $videos = elgg_get_entities($options);



      if($videos) {

        echo '<div class="group_video_wrap">';

        echo elgg_view('izap_videos/videos_bunch',array('videos' => $videos, 'title_length' => 30, 'wrap' => FALSE));

        echo '<div class="view_all"><a href="' .  $CONFIG->wwwroot . 'pg/videos/list/' . $page_owner->username . '">'.elgg_echo('izap_videos:view_all').'</a></div>';

        echo '</div>';

      }else {

        echo '<div class="forum_latest">' . elgg_echo('izap_videos:notfound') . '</div>';


      echo '<div class="clearfloat"></div></div>';


    i ll apreciate your help to create a widget from that scratch. It should include videos only form the group i belong to. thanks.

  • After installing this on the mod folder.

    On the dashboard, i get the wire field too above the share status field in your second image ...and it is extended, covering up extra areas

    what i should do??

  • @martinez

    wich mod do you use for the videos and latest event? if i have the mod with the widgets is a lot easier to make the widgets for this plugin.



    can you upload a screenshot please? because i didn't understand you at all.

  • Thanks for respones.

    for videos, i use izap and i think it s the most popular one.

    for calendar is use Event calendar

    I also give you the link for facebook like people you might know mod. Could you have a look and create a widget from this mod too...? 


  • @ReaL

    turn of your template and check if it helps. Could be something with styles...

  • this plugin looks like a nice addition, thanks for sharing.

    i just intalled and when i activate the plugin a get a 500 - internal server error message. (elgg 1.7.6)

    i looked in the server error log and didn't see anything that looked especially relevant (i am seeing 'file does not exist' messages pointing to image folders in the blog and bookmark modules.. I haven't seen those before. i'm not sure if they are to do with this plus river plugin or not. i will continue investigating.

  • @martinez it's still not working.


    can anyone show me how to upload screenshots here

  • @ReaL 

    maybe you missed some files, try to upload again all files and also try to change a position relating to riverdashboard on your tool list.

  • @angel why don t we take advantage of all existing widgets of profile page. Now i have a chaos, i have diferent coletion of widgets on riverdashboard page and diferent widgets on profile page...

  • que opinan de mi riverdashboard echo en ajax

  • @martinez

    i've developed a new version: 3.0 Alpha that comes with the elgg core widgets and the same widgets as the profile, but i'm not tested it at all yet, so it could be bugy.

  • In the settings... there is another option showing.

    Add the wire to the riverdashboard? y/n

    Should i disable the default riverdashboard?

  • It is working now...thank god

    Actually i did not had the default riverdashboard....i had installed another riverdashboard. after i installed the original worked..


  • @ReaL

    ohh i've forgoted to say that this plugin requires the original riverdashboard of elgg activated and this plugin should be below of it. sorry my fault, i'm developind the new version 3.0 Aplha test it and tell me if you like it to be the oficial version :)

  • This is an awesome Plugin. Works great!  Only problem I have is being able to change the css... 

    Everythings works great. The problem is with the color of the text in admin. Example your screen shot on the left of this page just shows grey boxes. Thats what I see in my admin. If I run my mouse over it I can see the text. Not a big deal but on the dashboard where the widgets are no one can see the text over each widget like wehere it should say quick links it can not be seen. I have tried changing the css for this but luck. I have even removed the style sheets but nothing changes... Can you give me an idea of what I need to change? I would like to change the text color to black.

  • I finally managed to get the admin area to show a transparent box... Now just figure out which control the riverpluspage..

    One thing I just realized. I was using the custom spotlight plugin but its gone now. Looks like this one over rides it. Is there a way I can disable your spotlight area?

  • @The Father

    yes, only delete the folder /spotlight from the mod/plusriver/views/default/

    and sorry for the late answer, is great to hear that you solved your problem, when you are editing the css be sure that you disable the simple cache from the admin to view instant changes :)

  • I forgot about the simplecache but soon as I remembered it was all good!

  • Awesome Spotlight is now right!

    Now one last question... I would like to add a block of text on the plusriverpage like above the quick links... Can you point me in the right direction?

    This is one of the best plugins I have seen in a very long time!

  • @The Father

    would you want to add a new widget containing custom text ? hmm the most easy way is to use the widget "empty" from the widgets list and edit it in mod/plusriver/views/default/plusriver/widgets/nada.php this will ad any code you put in nada.php to the position of "empty" in the dashboard, but without title and javascript, to put title you must follow the structure:


    <div class="widget_title">Title of your widget</div>

    <div class="sidebarBox">

    your custom text



    the javascript is a bit harder to explain so if you really want it please tell me and i'll try to explain :)

  • Angel that worked out perfect. It was exactly what I needed for adding our radio station the site!

  • I really like where your plugin is going, highly recommended, I just wish a few other widgets were options... very key to my community is Event Calendar, at the very least.


    Also, Site Announcements no longer appear on the front page. Could you make a site announcment widget?

  • please also widgetize this theme. It would probably be easiest to deal with if I could use any widgets I pleased.

    That, and having my site announcements back. :)

  • Also, the link to The Wire doesn't work for me. It goes to:


    whereas it should go to


    All your other links go to the right places but that one. Where can I hard code the change? It may be confused by other plugins I have.


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