Release Notes


+widget groups

+widget minimize/maximize button with javascript

+button to show the wire form w/javascript too.

+a spotlight area showing the site wide messages and a few links (you can edit them freely without cost in /mod/plusriver/views/default/spotlight/default.php)

  • Hoh! It's just getting better! You're killing the competition, man. Good job!

  • can the all tab be made to show the activities of both friends and mine instead of all the members in the community?

  • @ Angel Gabriel, I have two issues with the plugin:

    1) The widget Recent Members does not display recent members (neither self registered  nor admin-registered ones).

    2) I use two different themes, the spotlight does not show either. I can not find any edit option for it, either.

    I am using elgg 1.76 and browsers Chrome and Firefox on windows and linux (ubuntu).

  • @Sem

    1) mmmm, well the widget recent members is the original that comes with riverdashboard, the only hack is the icon sizes and max numbers of icons; anyway, the recent members only show those members that already uploaded their profile icon, but i'll take care of those who doesn't have uploaded it yet in future versions, meanwhile you can force the new users to upload their profile image in the signup proces, i'm not sure but you can do that with the plugin Profile Manager.


    2) the spotlight is a new feature that i've added in the last minute, so i only test it in my localhost with the default theme of elgg(without any theme activate), i'm testing now with another theme i'm developing in my site, that have problems with the spotlight too, when i have the fix i'll put here :)

  • I've found the fix.

    Search in your custom template for the file: mod/your_theme/views/default/pageshells/pageshell.php

    look for the line: (close to the bottom)

    <!-- footer -->
    <?php echo elgg_view('page_elements/footer', $vars); ?>


    and add this code:

    <!-- footer -->


    echo elgg_view('page_elements/spotlight', $vars);


    echo elgg_view('page_elements/footer', $vars);


  • Yes, it now works. You're the best!

  • @sem

    i'm wrong, yes the widget recent members is bugy, doesn't shows the recent members if the user don't set any configuration in the widget recent members(icons size and max icons), i'm now developing new widgets, so in the next release i'll ad the fix :)

  • dosnt works the default view... i try to change to friends or mine, and nothing change... always show ALL  (for me this is essencial!!)
    and recent members dosnt works too :P

    And other thing.. i wanna agree the plugin Request notification, but i am not understand how do you do in the folfer widgets...


    Anyway, goos work men

  • @bl4ckc00k1e

    what doesn't work?

    when you click a tab it's content doesn't change?


    you select in your user's configuration page the default view "friends" (i.e), and when you go to dashboard the default view is "all"?


    the widget recent members is fixed :) please wait for the next release later.



    hmm send me your widget or a link from where i can download it and i'll put it in the widgets

  • Besides the recent members issue, everything works fine for me. I am using 1.76.

    However, I am waiting for the next release! This is already the best 3 column river plugin. I bet the next release will be even better!

  • Finally i can organize my welcome page. Great!

    I wish for the next version following plugins / widgets:

    - last albums, videos of my group

    - latest events in my groups (group calendar)

    - latest topics in my group forum

    - my groups activity (based p.e. on group river plugin)

    - Recent groups created

    Thanks.  That s really great mod.

  • I have a problem with the wire, when i post a message i m getting an 404 error 

    in the adres bar elgg/REFERER

    i use 1.7.1 elgg. please help.

  • One more idea people_you_might_know widget - facebook style

    the orginal mod is here have you test it? would be cool to integrate.


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