iShouvik Riverdashboard v0.2

Release Notes


  • Download the plugin and extract it.
  • The extracted folder contains two plugins - riverdashboard and friend_request. Replace the default riverdashboard of elgg inside the /elgg/mod directory with the new one. Installing the friend_request plugin is optional
  • Enable from the Tools Administration page.
  • You might need to run the upgrade script ie. http://URL.TLD/upgrade.php
  • Make sure you have the messages plugin enable to make this riverdashboard work.
  • Try to put the plugin close to the bottom on the Tools Administration page of your Elgg site.
  • If you are using plugins like River Comments and Likes, make sure they reside below this plugin.


  • Disable the previous version of iShouvik riverdashboard
  • replace the old files with the newer ones
  • Re-enable the 'riverdashboard' plugin. (You might need to run the upgrade script i.e. http:YOURSITE.TLD/upgrade.php )

What is new

  • More plugin support on the dashboard - Bookmarks, Polls, iZap profile visitors along with previous elements -- friends, recent members, site message and advertisement.
  • Admin settings - allowing you to configure which plugins to display on the dashboard and the number of elements to show as well as an advertisemenet code form where you can paste the advertisement code and it will be visible on the dashboard, no playing with the php files.


Tested with Elgg 1.7.1 (a couple of links could be broken), 1.7.5, 1.7.6 and 1.7.7 on all major browsers. Althouth I haven't chanced to test the plugin on Elgg 1.7.9, it is highly unlikely to be broken on it.

Not compatible with Elgg 1.8b1

Preferred support is given to those who have either donated $25 or keep the link to my site in the right sidebar.

Mail to contact[at] to make donation to support the plugin development or request quotation for tailor-made reservice.

Please, report bugs, language packs and other codes for improvment.

  • @Deepak: Make sure you have put the plugin at the bottom. I don't know what can be the problem apart from the small typo on the language file. I will check it out when I get some time.

  • Hello I'm Brazilian. when I enter the elgg goes straight to my Riverdashboard

    how I Faso to go straight to the display profile?


    Use o plugin login_redirector, você pode escolhe para onde o usuário vai ser redirecionado quando faz o login pela primeira vez.


  • hi, i tried using this..........don't know where to get the upgrade.php file............secondly after i ran it without the upgrade..............i tried adding a comment and i got a message"the requested action(riverdashboard/wireadd) was not defined in the system"

  • Etiboy

    I got the same problem using Riverboard Relux.. The Riverboard this is based on... 

    If you find the solution please post! 

  • @etiboy: You will need to hit the following url on your browser - http://SITE.TLD/upgrade.php

    Make sure the plugin is at the bottom or close to it. And, make sure you are on elgg 1.7.1 newer (not 1.8).


    @DavidSalib: This riverdashboard is not based on Rj's Riverdashboard Redux. I had started the development before Rj had launched the plugin. You can see the second comment on the page.

  • Oh Ok,

    My question though is how does running the /upgrade.php fix the problem of the wire.


  • Running the upgrade script updates the cache. You have to make sure the plugin is at the bottom.  ... and there is no other way I can think of which could make such error. ...

    Is there another plugin installed causing the issue?

  • Shouvik, let me thank you first for the great work. I am a music teacher, not a programmer. But I have more or less built a social site for my purpose with Elgg and plugins from the community. Big thanks to all, and especially to you for your plugin which I consider the highlight of my site.

    However I need help on a few things (they could be code-wise very simple for programmers, at least I hope so).

    1. You may consider adding this feature in your next release. When a user has no friend yet, perhaps you should make the navigation tab fall on "All", so that his/her river is not completely dry.

    2. Also potential improvement you may want to build in: The filter box shows "All". I studied the codes, and guessed that it may be the same "All" as in all members in the nav button above. Reason I am paying attention to this is, I want the filter to read "All Activities", and the nav button to read "All Members". Reason and advantage for that is self-evident.

    3. Right now, the use of space "in the river" is a bit too generous. If I want to save on the space between two activity items, could you point me to the file/code to edit? Many thanks!

    4. I would like to add a "Invite Friends" button in the profile area (right below "Friends [0 new]"), again for obvious reasons. I have new members in mind :). Appreciate pointing me to the file/section to modify.

    Thanks again. Highly recommend your plugin to others.

    Best regards,


  • Thank you very much for the valuable input, Jeff! I am already in the move developing and upgrading the plugin further.

    3. I agree with you. I don't like that anymore either. The next release would certainly take more time because of some personal engagements I have in my life. Till then, you could always modify the css to save the space.

    /mod/riverdashboard/views/default/riverdashboard/css.php/ is the file you wanna edit. I have forgotten the precise CSS classes. But, you could always use the Firebug extenstion for Firefox to determine it.

  • @iShk - configurable 'modes' for such aspects ?;-o similar to the iShvkDDS RIverDash Design style ? ;-P

  • TSFI

    Hey, I downloaded and installed this correctly, and I added the finnish translation, the translation in finnish works but the area 1 in riverdashboard, is still in english.

    I mean those "Edit details", "Change image", "Account Settings", and "Messages" objects, they are not in finnish even if I translated it.

    So, what other file I have to edit :S

  • It's because this plugin has its own language file. You would need to create another translation. Copy the file /mod/riverdashboard/languages/en.php and create your own Finnish language file. If it doesn't work, do run the upgrade script i.e. http://SITE.TLD/upgrade.php

  • TSFI

    well, I actually made a finnish language file, but the area 1 still is in english :S

  • Oh sorry, I forgot to code it there ... you would need to change the respective texts on /mod/riverdashboard/views/default/riverdashboard/miniprofile.php

    Search for the words and make changes :)

    Thank you for pointing this out!

  • Hi Shouvik

    Thank you for your great plugin.

    There is one bug I can´t figure out.

    The Riverdashboard is showing the right/actual content for FRIENDS but under MINE and ALL(admin) it is showing just old contents. When I refresh the page I see the FRIENDS again.

    The plugin is at the bottom!

    Any idea?



  • When you refresh the page it shows you the friends' activity because it is coded that way.

    This riverdashboard is a made over the elgg 1.7 dashboard changing its view. It doesn't deal anything with the activity in the core. So, I can't imagine it is a problem with this plugin.

  • hello Shouvik, great plugin!

    I think that have a little bug.

    if you aren't login, enter in your site like a guest, ando go to ", and don't redirect you to the index, appear a white page.


  • Hmm, yeah, it's a bug. Should be fixed on its next release. Thank you for reporting, gastre!

  • @shouvik, thank you for the plugin!

  • Well, been a bit busy with things. I sure do have plans. But, gonna take a while.

  • I hope the update impatient. Thank you for your work.

  • does this work on 1.8.3?

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