Tidy Pics Plupload v0.1

Release Notes

Just enable it and enjoy.

If you found some bug or would you reccomend more stuffs, just comment on it :D




  • Add admin panel settings, so admins could select wich engines use. (For example: flash, html5, gears, etc...).
  • Fix bugs (thanks to the people who commented and helped).
  • Add Templates to the file selector. (on later releases)
  • if anyone knows what code to change so this replaces the new flash uploader on tidypics beta then please tell me :)

  • Thanks for this plugin but I've encountered a problem. After the photos were succesfully uploaded and after i click save, it went to a blank page. The url for that page is ...action/tidypics/upload

    Any idea what happen?

  • Hi German!

    Great plugin, though when I try to upload the images I get the following error: 

    image too large, please try smaller ones.

    The images do not weight more than 450k and my server is configured to have a max upload limit of 250 m




  • problem fixed. I just had to move the plugin order... strange

  • this is awesome but I dont know where excactly to put the image code fix in upload_lib 


    Add this to upload_lib.php file:[code]








        if ( $_POST['tidypics_image_upload_list_count'] > 0 ){


            $tmp_path = sys_get_temp_dir();

            $_FILES = array();

            for ($i = 0; $i < $_POST['tidypics_image_upload_list_count']; $i++){

                if ($_POST["tidypics_image_upload_list_{$i}_status"] == 'done'){

                    $_FILES[$i]['tmp_name'] = $tmp_path.'/'.$_POST["tidypics_image_upload_list_{$i}_tmpname"];

                    $_FILES[$i]['name'] = $_POST["tidypics_image_upload_list_{$i}_name"];


                    $_FILES[$i]['type'] = mime_content_type($_FILES[$i]['tmp_name']);

                    $_FILES[$i]['error'] = 0 ;

                    $_FILES[$i]['size'] = filesize($_FILES[$i]['tmp_name']);





    "sorry newbie"
  • I can't get it to work.  I'm only using the default plugins and I've uploaded it 3 times.  I get this message


    mysite.com/action/tidypics/upload. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.


    If I hit refresh I get something about a token being invalid, but then it goes away very quickly.

    The default uploader works.

  • PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function mime_content_type()

    in /home/public_html/mysite.com/dev/elgg/mod/tidypicsExt/lib/upload_lib.php on line 11, referer: 


  • This looks great and is exactly what I need but I cant get it to upload.  It errors out telling me that I am uploading to many large files regardless of what I am trying to upload.  Any ideas?

  • Hello, I am getting this error when the modules are in this order;

    "Too many large images - try to upload fewer or smaller images."
    >> TidyPicsExt
    >> TidyPics

    and I get just a white page when in this order;
    >> TidyPics
    >> TidyPicsExt

    I have the latest version of both, I am running on ubuntu 8.04 fully updated. I have tried deleting and reinstalling with no luck.

    Side Note:

    When I upload a file it says "1 Meg" but when it is done uploading it will only say a fraction of the size, example 3 Meg file will show as 77k before I hit save.

    Any ideas!?

  • Buggy under 177, can you post a newer version?

  • Bug:    version: 1.7.7    under HTML 5 uploader   tidypics 1.6.8


    Upload of images failed.
    053.jpg: This is not a recognized image type 
    054.jpg: This is not a recognized image type 
    055.jpg: This is not a recognized image type

  • Any updates? Killed my tidypics, don't know why.

  • Hi everybody, I am experiencing the same issue as markoss20 ("unrecognized image type") in elgg 1.7.8. Does anybody know what to do about it?

    BTW; I had the "fatal error in php" like ryan and other users before. I did get around that by taking a newer PHP release.

  • It seems plupload is relying on the PHP module mime_magic which is no longer part of the default distributions with most hosting services. I will try to make my hoster load it and keep you posted.


  • I'm missing something here. I've uploaded and activated it, but when I click on the Photos link I get a Cannot find server and my url looks like this: /photos/owner/admin

  • Hi guys,

    anybody use this plugin with elgg v1.8+?
    I don't get it running... any hints?

    Thanks and bye!

  • @at120: do you see the "...for Elgg 1.7" in the plugin title? That might give you an idea why it might not work in Elgg 1.8... Try using the original Tidypics plugin. While the is no official final release for Elgg 1.8 available either you can use the version available for download here: https://github.com/cash/Tidypics. But you might want to test it out a bit first.

  • Hi iionly!

    sounds logical ;-) Thank you, I saw the 1.7 ;-) but i adopted some "vars" in the code and I want to use "plupload" as it look's more comfortable than "uploadify". So my aim is, to modify this plugin that it can be used with V1.8+

    Does anybody has done this or is doing this?
    Or has anybody an other uploader integraded?

    Thanks guys!

  • hi does this plugin have tag option

  • i mean the user tag :-)


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