elggx_fivestar modification v1.2

  • @Trajan, you're totaly right, I just want to keep it clear (elgg_get* functions are well commented)

    @elggisthebest, please take a look on docs.elgg.org, you will need to learn about views and widget to do that.  Please try to get use to check the documentation before ask anything (and please ask on the right places such email or disscutions), so we don't lose focus =)


  • atfer i write your codes in php file do i need to put ??

    echo '$list ';

  • @emdagon, thanks for this very helpful package. I enjoyed working with it.

    One request (if I may) when and if you release a new version, could you please include the latest libraries that support jQuery UI 1.8+. I know it's not in the core yet, but I think some devs are already starting to migrate to take advantage of the enhanced functionality.


  • Hello, 

    I just met an issue in my site, i use elggx_fivestar to allow users to vote on courses.

    however, i found that a cource with 1 5/5 vote will be higher than a course with 2 5/5 votes.

    Did anyone use "elggx_fivestar_average" to sort before? thanks in advance

  • Wow! 379 days since I been around here =P

    @sanquanfeng, did you try to add the votes as second order criteria?


            (filter options such as 'type' => 'object', 'subtype' => 'tweet', ...),

            'order_by_metadata' => array(

                     array( 'name' => 'elggx_fivestar_average', 'direction' => 'DESC', 'as' => 'integer' ), // this should look like your code right now

                     array( 'name' => 'elggx_fivestar_votes', 'direction' => 'DESC', 'as' => 'integer' )



    Besides I left elgg development from more than a year now, I keep it in mind and I'll try to help the community in every oportunity. Sorry if I don't reply expeditiously. 


  • thanks emdagon, I will have a shot and tell you the result :)


+8 years since I have been here! xD


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